CF2IDE adapter on the back panel and what can be done with it.

It all started with what I met in the garbagethe remains of 286. Having intercepted the former owner on the second runner, I got another 100 MB hard drive. After playing around the day, I realized that wolfenstein 3d is not enough and the body asked for 486. White. Well, or at least 386. Kinuv cry for friends, a month later became the owner of AcerMate 486 / g. The car turned out to be just wonderful, almost in a top configuration, DX4-100, the entire cache and all the video memory was clogged (2Mb !!), and after a trip to a friend, the RAM also became 36 megabytes. Remember the transparent covers on the keyboard? Here she was. We demolish Windows, set a normal clean d…

And, IBM Thinkpad 360CSE, 486DX2-50, but alas, with a faulty matrix and 4Mb of brains, also got used to it.
The question arose how to tie all the riches, for removing the hard drive thought every time is harmful, the CD is not everywhere, FDD is even worse. The common denominator was compact flash.
In Thinkpad, we put the adapter CF2PCMCIA are drivers for it under DOS and it is loaded withhe knows how. There is a regular card reader to your home laptop. But in the acermate ... The usual adapter, which does not fit into the board right away, is not enough space. Found an adapter on the back panel, ordered, received. I looked at him for a long time ... Well, firstly in the car, the cd-rom will remain useless, the cable will not reach there either. And secondly, the cable under the flop in the car alone. I looked longingly at the two-speed cd-rom and began to disassemble it ...

power fuses and cut off the LED

glue the lid and cut a hole (well, of course, it was planned to have a hole ...)


The LED on cd-rom works naturally
It should be on the second channel, without the chatter of the usual screw as it is not authentic turns out.
Plus, I can say that on the back of the adapter looks good.
In the minuses - files beats. Tested on two machines, two adapters and two flash drives.
With and without drivers. On acermate exactly starts to beat there are both the 32bit access and pio3 options enabled at the same time. Flash drive or adapter hell knows. 2-3 errors per 300 megabytes.
In general, the problem is solved, you can quickly transfer any information from a modern computer.

I forgot the cat!

PPS: “In the minuses - files beats. It was necessary to write the first line or in the title. Of course, I understand that this is a toy, but I feel sorry for the files, suddenly important;)
"The fact is that there is nothing to beat there (added pictures),therefore not in the title. If you disable 32bit access or pio3 everything works. If you check the archives directly on the flash - everything is read. But if you copy the screw - already with errors. There is even a possibility that there is a problem in the screw, for errors are approximately in the same files. (but why then they disappear when 32bit is disconnected?) In short, the machine asks for a separate table and long-term testing. ”