Adapter from one 4-pin 3.5 mm mini-jack to two 3-pin (headphones and microphone separately)

Friends bought 11 "laptop, and in it because of savingsPlaces only one 4-pin headset jack, as in the iPhone / iPad. I ordered them an adapter to an “ordinary computer” headset, along with a reverse adapter (to cling an iPhone headset to an ordinary system unit).
Manufacturers began to save space on buildingsSmall laptops and do not make a separate headphone jack, separately for a microphone. A friend gave, according to them, a decent wired headset to the computer, "to talk on Skype."

I looked for an adapter on “Ali”, ordered at the same time andthe second one (suddenly comes in handy), I saw the opposite option there - two plugs (microphone and headphones) and one 4-pin jack, cling to the usual already iPhone (and not only) headset to the usual system player or old big laptop.
Here is a link to the "reverse" adapter, do not write the same two "reviews" about the same thing:
There is practically nothing to write about the “product”: it is made with high quality, the plastic is soft, the wires are flexible, everything is nonseparable, it is checked that it works.