Fountain Pen Picasso 903 Sweden Flower King (Blue)

Hello. I have long been an amateur and admirer of fountain pens, but I have never had to deal with their truly high-quality representatives.
It all started with the fact that the forum came acrossthe topic of ballpoint pens, in which comrade alteral posted a couple of photos, on one of which I saw my object of adoration. My further actions were predictable: search, comparison and order.

After two days of searching, I stopped at the model.Picasso 903 from the French-Chinese manufacturer. Here is what I found on one of the specialized sites: The Art Picasso collection of pens is presented with bold French design and Chinese ability to bring things to perfection. The seller has several models of pens, so there is something to choose from. The pen was ordered on December 21st, received today. So, go to the autopsy:
From practically not rumpled (!) a standard yellow package (I can’t show it - got rid of it at the post office) a neat colorful box of thin glossy cardboard in perfect condition (!!) was extracted. A sticker with a bar code and the name of the model and a hologram with the manufacturer's logo are glued to the end. On the back of the valve is a sticker with some information (most likely, the nomenclature, serial number and / or batch number). In general, only the packaging is already done quite qualitatively and inspires.

Inside the package is a box of already solid thick cardboard of the same color with a solenoid valve.

Well, we go further. Inside this box itself was found: the actual handle on the bed, lined with material similar to silk, napkin made of lint-free soft material, illustrated instruction in English and, apparently, Chinese, made on glossy paper and a cardboard card indicating that the quality of the product confirmed and complies with regulations.

On the same specialized site it says thatThe handle is made of jewelry brass and varnish. According to tactile sensations, the material is similar to marble. The handle weighs 33 grams and its weight in the hand is quite palpable (a wonderful, I must say, feeling). Type of ink intake - piston. As you can see in the photo, inside the ink tank there is a piston that moves by rotating the ribbed top (sorry, I don’t know how to scientifically call it). At the very pen, an embossing is made - an ornament and a logo with the words “PICASSO FRANCE F”. Logos are made on almost every detail. I think, with such a density of them hardly anyone will take to make fakes.
Feather and mechanism

Bottom line: it can be seen that the pen is made to last. In the hand is great, it looks expensive and beautiful. I did not find any cons. I recommend the seller.
PS: Small video: