Tablet 9.7 ″ Onda Vi40 16GB

Immediately summarize, and I will say that the purchase is very pleased. Still, for 7000rub. You get:
+ 9.7 "IPS 1024x768 - very good quality screen.
+ Thin and light body (only 605gr., For example SmartQT10 - 735gr.).
+ A universal device for reading books in a variety of formats, watching videos even from LAN, at least from internal memory. As well as an excellent assistant for traveling on the Internet.

- Not the best location of the speakers. Although it is enough for me, but in extreme cases there are headphones.
- No GPS module, Bluetooth and built-in 3G. For many, their absence will not be critical, but the price was quite adequate.
So if you need a device with a large screen mainly for reading / movies / Internet - I recommend to buy! And who cares about the details - I offer the full version ...
Somehow, on one of the March evenings, II felt an urgent need for a tablet. I just wanted to have such a tool at hand that would allow me to run through sites at any time, view selected films and programs, and, of course, read the books that have been accumulated with comfort. Moreover, six months ago I used SmartQT10 with pleasure for these purposes. Prosverstiv and other thematic sites, I opted for the tablet Onda Vi40 Elite.

The first information about its sales appeared onnews sites around mid-January of this year. And they promised a very attractive price for very decent characteristics. In general, the model is relatively fresh. So:
Processor: ARM Cortex-A8, Allwinner A10 1GHz
Graphics device: Mali-400
Screen: 9.7 ”IPS Capacitive Multi-touch Screen, 1024x768 pixels, 4: 3 ratio
OS: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Memory: 1GB DDR3 RAM, 8GB / 16GB internal, support microSD up to 32GB
Camera: 1.3MP front and 5.0MP back
Optional: Wi-Fi b / g / n, G-sensor, HDMI, OTG, USB2.0
Battery: 6500mAh Li-Ion
Checking the price in several already known to meshops, as well as making sure that the panda will have to wait an order for a few weeks, I went to the aliexpress site. Where he very successfully met with the store "Grace Top-trade Co., Ltd". After receiving a prompt reply that the tablet is available and ready to send it right away, I paid via paypal to the address sent to me (although aliexpress does not support the stick, but after an online request I was informed of the payment details). The result was an order for $ 234.99 with free shipping from China Air Post with a track that I was dropped the next day after payment. Immediately, I note that in order to remove unnecessary anxiety, the package starts to track only after a few days. Well, in my St. Petersburg post office it reached in about 25 days (all this time I controlled the route on the Russian mail site).

The tablet was packed, as it should be, in several layers of bubble film. So the long road did not affect the contents of the parcel.


In addition to the tablet itself in the box we are expected:
- protective film on the screen;
- charger with an adapter for our sockets;
- miniUSB cable for PC connection;
- OTG cable for connecting external devices (flash drives / modems);
- Cloth to clean the screen.

There are no complaints about the build quality. No squeaks, no backlash. Unless of course try to roll the tablet with a propeller.
The screen makes the most pleasant experience. The picture is juicy and moderately bright. Viewing angles delight from all sides.
Connectors and interfaces
At the bottom of the tablet are located: orientation lock, miniHDMI, reset, miniUSB, microphone, charging socket, slot for microSD, 3.5 headphone jack and power button. And on the front part - the keys "Home", "Menu" and "Back."
Information about the tablet:

Antutu results:

Quadrant’s results:

5-point multitouch:

From the factory on my copy of the tablet was installed Android 4.0.3. Switching the interface to Russian is standard - through the settings.
Flash is earned in the built-in browser right out of the box. Wherever I went, the video on all sites was displayed normally (yandex, vimeo, rbctv, etc.).
Skype current version ( was established without any problems. Video communication works with both the front and the camera located on the back of the tablet. Directly from Skype you can quickly change the active camera.
Immediately added the usual programs (video players,browsers, readers, etc.). None of them had any difficulties during installation. For those who want to periodically appear fresh firmware. The 3G modem did not check, and the flash drives were connected without issues (8 and 16GB with FAT32 / NTFS). A 1080p test video with a stream of 20Mbits / sec was played without jerks and delays.
Hours, albeit tentatively, I got the following:
reading pdf / surfing - 6 hours;
video viewing - 5 hours.
Full charge on the tablet takes about 3 hours.
And finally, links to additional materials:
- - Onda Vi40 on;
- - place of purchase on aliexpress. Prices are attractive, and most importantly the model is available. (Hyundai A7HD is flying from there now, so if there is interest, I'll post a review)