Anti-stress pillow iPhone

Cool pillow filled with rubber balls.
First of all I want to say that there have already been reviews of this pillow, I counted two. But this review presents: First, another store, second, a lower price, and third, slightly different impressions.
Briefly - 4.5 out of 5, in more detail, as always, under the cut.

Animal classification:
- Class - Pillow;
- Detachment - Rubber-filled;
- Family - Anti-stress;
- Rod - In China-Purchased;
- View - iPhone-like;
The object of study is supplied in a large paper envelope with a pimply film inside, which protects his already virtually invulnerable body from external influences.
The size of the carcass is 35 by 25 cm. With a thickness of 12 cm.

The animal has a pronounced color, mimickingunder the iPhone. This gives him an advantage in the competitive struggle for the host, as carrier organisms react to its bright appearance. The color of the animal is very resistant to mechanical stress, in particular, to intense friction with a dry and wet palm. The skin of the animal consists of a special material - spandex - which allows it to stretch three or more times without harm to the animal. The inside of the animal is 100% made up of special anti-stress balls, which allows it to deform significantly in various ways, and then restore the original shape.

In its upper part, the animal has an oral (?) Hole - a pocket measuring 11 by 8 cm, fastened with a zipper.

On the back of the animal has the apple logo, symbolizing ... in this matter, scientists have not yet come to a consensus, but something this logo clearly symbolizes, maybe the owner of the class?

Only two things darken the exterior of the animal - a slightly crooked seam in the lower part, possibly a consequence of an accidental mutation, and an absurd label on the side.
Conclusion - the animal is perfect for all fans of apples and apple products, has a calming and relaxing effect. There are no age or status restrictions for breeding. Recommended for purchase.
UPD. Unfortunately, there will not be an autopsy, since the test subject is intended as a gift from another laboratory :)
UPD 2. Bought for $ 9.52, now the price has increased slightly.
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