Power Bank Arun UX20. Heavy brick with honest 20 000mAh

Today I want to tell you about Arun UX20 power bank.
This bank cannot support QC3.0, etc.
But he has honest stated characteristics. And quite adequate price. I will tell in more detail in the review.
The bank has the following characteristics:

The pokerbank comes to the buyer from the store in a company package. I do not often see this:

Inside the colorful box, as it should be with cornered corners:

The package bundle consists of the crib itself, a short USB-cord, instructions, and pieces of paper with stupid stickers in my opinion:

Sam poverbank, when you first take in hand,surprises with its non-weight. Such a straight brick. In the backpack, you can’t carry him every day. But I recently traveled to Karkaralinsk, and there one day in the morning after a heavy snowstorm, the entire recreation area was left without light. So these 20,000 maxs helped me out very well. I charged two phones first, and then a tablet and a camera. And there are 50% left. This is where I fully appreciated this crib.
Here is a photo from Karkaralinsk. And even more photos are in my recent review of the lens YONGNUO YN50mm F1.8 II

But back to the size:

Judging by the size, there are 6 18650 batteries inside the bank
But these are only my assumptionssome featured. I honestly say that I tried to open the case to look at the guts. But except for the corroded corners got nothing. The case is assembled very well, and I could not beat it. But about the assumptions. First:
In other reviews of ARUN banks, which I found there is a disassembly, and it is clear that 18650 batteries are used. Moreover, there are always 18650 batteries in different models. It is possible that they are the same here.
The second assumption: the weight and size of the bank correspond to approximately 6x18650:

But this is only an assumption. I don’t want to break the hull completely.
By the way the body is made of thick plastic. Slightly dull. On the one hand, there is a glossy insert, under which the screen displaying the charge is hidden:

From the bottom there is a sticker with the characteristics and capacity:

At the top there are two USB ports and one microUSB port for charging:

There is a button on the right. When you click on it, the charge level is displayed:

When connecting the load, the button is not required to press. The charge process is activated by itself.
Now to the tests.
I checked charge protocol support using Power-Z:

As you can see, he does not support any of the speed charges.
The second “slow” usb connector shows the same thing:

I tried to give the load.
One connector quietly holds up to 2.6A, then the voltage starts to sag:

If you give a load to two ports at once, then in totalThe bank also gives up to 2.6A without a voltage drop. If you take more, it starts to go in defense, but before that the voltage subsides almost to 4.1V:

But purely in practice, charged at the same time Xiaomi Mi5 and Sharp Z2. The charge process was pretty fast. Therefore, for an ordinary undemanding user, even such characteristics should suffice.
As for the capacity, I was flooded with this:

Charging time 9.5 hours. A very long time.
But the case was drained less:

At first I thought it was wrong at the stated 20,000 max. But knowledgeable comrades explained that it should be so. Capacity is honest.
This is my first test review on the bank. So it turns out that I have, since 2015, had a Xaiomi 10400 poverbank of which I generally had enough. Therefore, somehow they didn’t take a scam even for their own review. And then offered to test. Agreed And in general I was satisfied. For me, the main thing is not the speed of the charge, but the quantity. I'm still not very much chasing all sorts of fast charges 3.0, etc. Although I have several devices that support these protocols. This is primarily due to the fact that I always have the opportunity to charge my phone. At home there is charging, there is charging in the car, at work there is charging. And I almost always ply between these three exercises. But sometimes you still need a bank. The first is a trip to nature. There, we usually charged the phone from the charger in the car, or from the Xiaomi bank. Now you can take a more capacious veterbank. And sometimes we turn off the electricity. Not often, but it happens. Power Bank also helps out.
In general, in my inexperienced look, the poverbank is normal. I will go. What could, showed you. Draw your own conclusions. And that is all. I wish you all good, and not be tied to the outlet.