Pro toys and seller

When I bought this toy, its namepreceded by a loud headline: “Promotion !!! Zero profit !!! ”- and then a photo of a bear with a price of 4 dollars. Well, I thought, children love bears, take it.
The parcel went for a very short time - on October 20 I paid for it and on November 20 I received a toy.

Well, I could not resist - gutted the package in the mail.
Oh, I thought, feeling the bag before opening, how interesting, the mysterious shape of this bear. And from the package came ... a hare! And then another hare. I even giggled in surprise.

The package turned 2 toys! It was pleasant, very pleasant, but it was even more pleasant at home to find in the package a handwritten note from the seller:

In general, the seller is very funny - I did moreone order from him, also for a promotion, but the action (the same one, Promotion !!! Zero profit !!!) is over, and he, complaining about how difficult it is to do business in China, asked me about refand. But then I thought and, complaining about how difficult it was to do business in China, offered to send other toys, vowed the rice crop and promised good quality :) I agreed - I don’t know where this package is haunting, or rather, I know it lies on sorting , I just got into the party of podzastryvshih, I hope, will reach the NG.
Now I have a serious problem - which of the childrenwhat a hare to give (and who will get a free hydrocephalus)! Although, in essence, do not care, anyway, then they will fight, or rather, the elder one will take it away from the younger one, receive a suggestion and pretend to understand :)
Now these toys from the seller began to cost justgodlessly expensive. But I liked the seller myself - it responded quickly, and in general, really, but I expected the seller to see the little note the least. Advertising leaflets — there were bracelets as a gift — there were, but I was very pleased to find just such a little thing. Delov - for 2 minutes, costs - no, and Bribes.