Separate swimsuit and a bit about bathrooms for voyeurs

Good day!
Under the cut a micro-review is waiting for you on another swimsuit, which I took with me on vacation (yes, the suitcase was heavy).
My link burned out, which is not surprising, because I bought this swimsuit two and a half years ago, so I attached a link to a similar one from another seller.

The quality is not bad, but there were a couple of lines gone, for which I sued $ 2.
The print is beautiful, bright.
My parameters: Exhaust 86 cm., OCG 71 cm., FROM 66 cm., OB 93 cm., Height 167 cm., Weight 55 kg.
Swimsuit size - M, sat down normally. There are no complaints to the top, it is very convenient, there are cups. However, I can not fail to note the strange cut of panties - they are absolutely the same both in front and behind, representing a cross between strings and tanga, and the fit is rather high. Honestly, not the most comfortable option for me, I'm used to a lower landing, but online purchases are like that.
Boring detailed photos - do not look for hidden meaning here

These are the unusual bathrooms in Asia, with a window. By the way, I liked the idea - the bathroom is light and without artificial lighting.

And if you want privacy, you can always lower the curtain.

View from the roof of the hotel

As it turned out, it is beautiful to run into the water on the video - it’s still a problem)

Well, 2018 is coming to an end, and it's time to take stock of it.
For me, this year was interesting, exciting and generous for events, I am grateful to him for his valuable experience and joyful moments.
Whatever it is for you - happy or difficult, I wish that in 2019 you had more reasons for smiles, and surprises were only pleasant.
Probably almost everyone on New Year's Eve makes wishes and promises himself to be the best version of himself.
May your good intentions and thoughts come true, love, health and happiness to you and your loved ones!