Belt of 2015

Review on the belt after 3.5 years.
I am writing my experience using a belt withautomatic buckle. On Ali, a lot of types of these buckles, just do not count. Why I stopped on this model - I do not remember. The link on which to buy no longer exists, so in the post link to the first available store. The price now is $ 3.89, I bought for 7, proof with the date:

It looks like this:

Small scratches appeared on the buckle, but in general they can only be seen at close range, I could not even take a picture

Plain Automatic Buckle

Belt clip. The length of the belt can be selected when ordering now, a choice of 90, 95, 100, 105, 110, 115, 120 cm.

Then almost every seller of these belts inThe headline was "genuine cow leather belt; business cowhide belt", that is, it was claimed that genuine leather, that in fact is not true. Over the years, many shops were closed, and now most of the sellers do not want to get bogged down with disputes, so now they mostly write honestly “artificial leather”. No scuffs appeared, did not peel off.

Good for trousers / shirts

Well, or just to jeans, although I prefer for this type of belts of a different type. In fact, I bought it for trousers and shirts.

These belts are not particularly fond of - comments nowwill go mostly "yes olezet / tear, etc., yes it is better to buy real leather and wear 20 years." Who is better, do not argue. But I'd rather these 20 years, every six months to buy a new belt. And at the price will probably also come out, at the same time aesthetically pleasing and practical. Although, of course, each of them has its own type of activity, and style, and it’s not worth rolling into an absolute, and now it’s not necessary to have a single belt in the wardrobe. I say that this belt has the right to be in the collection, it works out its price by 146%. I wear occasionally where the belt is visible, because my everyday belts do not look very good.