Brown leather belt or Free shipping / high quality / leather belt with steel head / mlb028 / for man / Genuine leather retail or wholesale

Do you like “shopping” in the ordinary sense of thisthe words? These endless wanderings along the long corridors of shopping centers with a countless number of shops and stores, annoying sellers and a mediocre choice, limited by someone's idea of ​​the current trend ... I - no. Praise the heavens (or heaven?) For gazing at a huge range for a short period of time now so easily ...

So. I present to your attention the leather brown belt.

On receipt the product was modest, but competently.packed. Decorative parts that may suffer in the process of shipping in the first place (plaque) from the possible effects of the external environment are sufficiently isolated by additional layers of polyethylene.
The product package was pleasantly supplemented by a primitive device for forming additional holes in the belt web.

The belt is executed accurately, the material looks qualitative and natural, has a characteristic leather smell.
The length of the leather band in totalis ~ 111 cm, width 3, 2 cm. The plaque is not a familiar device, in this case it is a metal element attached to the body of the belt at its base from the rear. Fixing the belt when dressing it is carried out using the simplest hook method - a plaque with a perpendicularly protruding rod at the desired length simply slips over the hole. The method of fixation is very reliable, but only to the extent that the mount does not fly off by itself.

The design of the belt is made inherent in this form.products of minimalist manners and in general it can be described as - stylish. In the form of decorative elements on the belt in four places there is an inconspicuous horizontal inscription “WiseDawei”, underlined on both sides by a line of light-colored threads.

I summarize: I am satisfied with the purchase. I think the belt would be appropriate and look great with both classic trousers and their closest relatives. 450 rubles for a similar product - the price is more than adequate. I recommend to buy.