16% Discount on CR388A Kids Walkie Talkies Intercom

Hello! A good promotion on children's radios - the price is $ 13.83. The promotion is valid until 10:00 07.09. 2018 Moscow time. The color scheme is presented in 4 options to choose from: pink, orange, blue, green.
Product Features:
Frequency: PMR446
Power: 0.5 W
Battery: compatible with 4 AAA rechargeable batteries or 4 AAA alkaline batteries, easy to install.

The control panel and the reception button are ergonomically designed and easy to use.
The radio is small and light, made specifically for children. Age range 3+. With the help of the clip, it is easily attached to the waist.
Tuning: 8 channels and 99 sub-audio, consisting of 792 additional combinations to prevent interference.
Scan function: to quickly search for all channels (allows you to quickly find new channels or return to the previous one if you accidentally drop your channel).
Volume adjustment.
LCD backlight: you can change the degree of illumination to conserve battery power.
When the battery is low, the walkie talkie will give a warning signal.
Keypad lock: prevents involuntary changing of settings.
There are 10 call melodies to choose from, you can also make a reminder of the call at the right time for you.
The kit includes:
2 x walkie-talkies
2 x clips for easy mounting
1 x user manual
More detailed specifications are in the description on the store website. I ordered, so I will review when receiving.
All good and good shopping!
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