Sweater Cardigan with Hood and Belt

Good evening.
I present you an overview of warm knittedcardigan sweaters. I will say right away that I categorically did not like the quality, the smell of industrial China disappeared only after two washes and socks, there are holes in the mating, the seller does not want to do a refund, or send anything as an apology.

But the sweater is quite suitable for unpretentious girls, as a warm thing for giving, at home, under a coat-coat. In short, "cheap and cheerful."
I looked at this sweater for a long time, but for some reasonI decided to order it only in the summer. It came back in June, rather quickly - less than a month from the moment of dispatch by China post. But in our city they mixed up the post offices and sent me the hell out of it, so I took it only a month later.
In the excitement opened the parcel (large white package)- and immediately appeared persistent aroma of an industrial plant in China. Apparently, they knit these sweaters there, in the back room-closet under the stairs, dying from the smell and exhaust machines.
Without questions - immediately in the laundry. At the same time, the water was dirty, so, apparently, they also trampled on it instead of ironing on it
After washing, he became softer and did not stink, sorry, smell.
Immediately inspected the jacket for the presence of thread. Verdict: there are many, near the buttons, on the hood. But it turned out the little things!
The most unpleasant thing was that there were holes (well, as long as they were): in the places where the pockets were fastened and a pair of buttons near the holes. Ohhhh, how angry I was with the Chinese! Spoil the thing with holes! True, they are not visible from afar.
Sweater photo

But near ...
A photo

Dispute open - I delivery time proshlyapila. In the end, I simply wrote to the seller a pitiful complaint, sent pictures, asked me to somehow cheer up and make a pleasant thread. Sold said something like "we are so sad, not less than yours, but we earn so little that we can’t do anything to help, wear your health!" =)
Well, we wash a couple of times and carry it to where it is now. Maybe I'll patch the holes, it will look completely worn-worn and homely =)
By the way, even his sizes turned out to be much smaller.
Breast volume: 90cm instead of the indicated 100-105
Length: 67 instead of 71
Sleeve: 58 instead of 67
I am glad that after all I came up more or less, “sat down”, the sleeve is not very short.
Photo on me

Regular warm sweater of Chinese quality for 480p.
Although I, of course, hoped for the best =)
Thanks for attention!
for cat lovers)

And, by the way, on bare skin (with a top, for example) it is also pricked! Although the heat is not bad - this is a plus. About the length I can still say that I am a tall girl, that's why he looks like a sweater, not a cardigan.