Electronic pressure gauge for $ 6

Hello. A review on a manometer from China is very cheap.
It all started with the fact that he began to look for a matometerpumping gun, before that there were always dial gauges in operation, but they have a life expectancy until the first drop. After that, all the readings become inaccurate from the word at all. And on Ali I chose this

For six months of work, I have not raised any complaints. And it’s very compact and with a protective rubber just 58mm in diameter

For comparison with the arrow. I will say right away in difficult conditions, dirt dust water snow gasoline

Green backlight, two buttons, on / off and switching between change systems: psi, bar, mpa, kg / cm²

Yes, I almost forgot, I don’t understand inch threads and it turned out to be one size smaller, everything was decided by an adapter bought in a store for 65 rubles, so choose carefully

Let's start disassembling, the rubber protection is easily removed

On the sides are two niches for 2032 batteries

The back cover rests on three bolts. Unscrewing them, we see a board with a number

The board is held on two bolts. Let's turn them off too, since it has taken. There is a board left to hang on two wires

Set 2.2 atmospheres and looked in different modes

When I disassembled, I noticed that pulling out one battery the manometer did not turn off, pulled out specially from different sides, maybe this is important to someone

The last thing I would like to say is that it turns on both from the button and automatically
Thank you for your time.