Mini drill 3v - 12v (1A)

A brief and useful review for those who are looking towards a mini drill)
I bought this mini drill for a long time, I decided it would be useful to show the guts and other little things to those who plan to buy a similar tool.
The review is not big, because the product is as simple as two fingers

The kit looks like this:

The wire is connected very simply (screwdrivers and hands are enough):

Block intestines:

It works simply and clearly, I think there will be no need for examples ... There are no backlashes, a three-jaw chuck, it takes from 0.3mm to 4mm.
Of the minuses that there is no power button,either remove the plug from the outlet, (by the way it is Chinese, but with an adapter to ours), or disconnect the mom-dad connection. Therefore, the power button is very convenient, did it right away, conveniently)

There is no speed control, only voltage control ...
But, I just looked, you can find it on 24V 2A, I think it will be an order of magnitude more interesting. And at a price of just a little bit more expensive ...
There is a play, but it’s directly very insignificant, maybe I did it crookedly, or it should be so, but it does not bother me) ...
Motor shaft diameter 2.3mm