CR-V Steel Precision Screwdriver Set

CR-V Steel Precision Screwdriver Set
Greetings, dear readers!
Today I want to show you a budget set of tools for precision work from the category "in handy".
Just want to ask for a more loyal relationship withmale audience, as the review was compiled by a woman who, for the first time, is trying to understand male wisdom. Imagine what it would be like if you had to write a sensible review of female lipstick, for example.

I note that the goods are provided by sellers, but the review is absolutely honest.
So, the set is budgetary, only $ 3.5, therefore, it is not worth making serious demands on it.

Of course, if you do repairs all the time,You need to pick up sets of more durable steel. But for rare use at home, it’s a perfectly suitable set, and there’s no point in overpaying. A set for a husband who will sometimes use it. For example, there was a problem with an electronic cigarette that there was nothing to disassemble. Many toys also had nothing to disassemble, and now this kit will be at hand and can help in some situations.
On the label there is a steel marking CR-V (chrome vanadium steel). This is the most common material, it has sufficient plasticity. At high loads, Cr-V is irreversibly deformed.

The set is located in a bright plastic box of very small sizes and easily fits even in a woman’s hand (height 10 cm, diameter 5 cm):

The label indicates the steel marking, a list of 30 bits of different sizes and shapes in the set, the country of origin is China, the name is XinRui XR-6036B.

By the way, the bits are magnetic, and this will greatly simplify the work with small cogs.
Our box is quite stable, has a transparent plastic cover that unscrews.

The design of the box has a large hole for the handle in the center and two levels of small hole for the bit.

Thus, the entire set is clearly visible and the types of small bits are clearly visible, of course, this is convenient in operation.

The handle itself is a bit holder 8.5 cm long, inthe widest point is 2 cm, the handle is completely rubber with rubber tubercles, so that the hand does not slip. The rod has a circular cross-section, the bits are held by means of a magnet.

Processing quality:
Oh, the quality of processing is poor! You do not need to be a great specialist to see the irregularities, badass and inaccuracies of the form. Immediately obvious were the Chinese, not the Germans. On the other hand, what to expect from $ 3.5?
After a little check, there are no complaints in the work of the set of complaints.
Since my large order in the store was packed in a large dense cardboard box, I can not say anything about the packaging if I order this kit separately. Delivery to Belarus up to 14 days.
Conclusion: is it worth buying, it's up to you to decide. On my own behalf, I note that the kit is suitable only if you do not have high requirements for it, if you use it about a couple of times a month and treat it as “useful in the household”.