Set of punches for skin

I finally found a fairly long belt onmy excessively thick belly. Already 150 cm long. It turned out - it was possible to take it shorter, this does not have enough holes. I measured the pin on the buckle - 5 mm with a small one. And the skin thickness is 3.5 mm, large. Therefore, it took the punches. They are offline. But you have to transfer to the other end of the city. And then before the vacation I ordered it, returned in two weeks - they are waiting at the post office.

We check the performance: Leather belt (presumably, I will understand separately), thickness 3.5 mm, hole diameter 5 mm
Beat from the back. The skin is stretched when you pull out the punch - it returns to its original position.

The flake. Violet trace - from marking with a ballpoint pen. It can be seen that I missed a bit

All liked it
Delivery and packaging Order August 23, 2018, received September 08. Full track
Transport packaging - gray PE bag

Commercial packaging as such is not available. Bubble wrap package

But the goods are such that at least walk on them. Punches packages did not break through and were not lost.
Specification Qty: 5pcs
Color - see photo
Material - carbon steel
This seller sells in sets. I took the first
—Type A: 1mm 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm
—Type B: 6mm 7mm 8mm 9mm 10mm
—Type C: 11mm 12mm 13mm 14mm 15mm
—Type D: 16mm 17mm 18mm 19mm
—Type E: 20mm 22mm 25mm
Appearance A set of steel rods of different diameters. At the tail, the diameter of the punched hole is knocked out, then a notch,

further working part. Visibility colors are visible, which are not present on advertising photos. But it doesn’t affect the speed, even a more brutal look.

But this is worse. Rust on one of the punch holes. But the problem is also small, unpleasantly simple.

The shank is just traces of a cutting tool, without further processing. Also fearless.

Advantages and disadvantages There are two main options - punches and something like that.

Prices are about the same, there are offline.
I liked the punch aesthetically moreI confess
Specifically, my set has only one drawback - one punch came with traces of rust. Wet, apparently, somewhere in the warehouses.
Total Satisfied with the purchase, I recommend despite a few brutally rough metalworking and traces of rust on one.