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Hello). Knowledge Zenith is just like being fired from a machine gun with its latest products, I already ordered the two most interesting models of headphones (KZ AS10 and KZ BA10), they are still on the way. Today, I propose to consider the inexpensive-hybrid model ZS4, it came out recently. Honestly, I don’t quite understand why they were released at all, the differences in sound from the same KZ ZSA are minimal.

KZ ZS4: these are inexpensive, budget entry-level headphones. Inside one dynamic and one reinforcing radiator. The cases are plastic, reminiscent of the cases from ZS3 and ZSR. I’ll run ahead and say that the headphones for my $ 12 are very much, I see the point in buying them to replace any Rock Zircon, Boarseman KR25D, Tennmak Porcelain, REMAX RM-610D there (all these headphones are still popular in the budget segment).
Resistance: 18 ohms
Frequency Response Range: 7-40kHz
One 8 mm dynamic driver + 1 updated radiator with balanced armature (30095)
Cable: braided, interchangeable, with a two-pin connector 0.75 mm, length 125 cm
Sensitivity: 101dB
Color: black, red
Enclosures: Plastic
As for the filling, the emitters are arranged like this:

Only 2 colors to choose from: red and black.

There is an option with a microphone and without it, the version with a microphone costs a little more expensive, as usual.
The version with an additional / silver-plated cable will cost a little more:

I didn’t even want to touch the box, but I remembered that the box was updated for AS10 and BA10, I thought, maybe something new will roll out in ZS4, alas.

If the version is with a microphone, the corresponding sticker on the side will be pasted.

Bottom Specifications:

On the substrate are the bodies themselves, and under it the cable and nozzles with notches.

Cable - updated, it has become a little softer. Silicone braid, twisted from three veins to the divider, from two after.

The cable turned out to be quite good, it does not remember the shape and does not get confused, but in previous models it was better and more reliable.

The plug and divider have not changed.

The headset control unit is made of metal. I’ll have a complaint here, the inside “hangs out”, back and forth ... along with the button, the backlash is unpleasant when you are on the move - this moment is noticeable, the assembly leaves much to be desired.

2pin plugs are labeled, the socket includes enoughtight, sit down deep. Such jokes as in ZSA (in my copy the sound disappeared, if you turn, tilt your head) did not notice, the connection is reliable.

The earhook has a metal rod in it, due to which the desired shape is created.
There is no microphone effect.
Cable weight:

Well, now it’s bombarded:) Cases are generally incompatible with my ears. Of course, this is only my problem, many come in large cases from ZSR, ZS3. In my case, it’s just wild horror, I will put these cases in last place for ease of landing, comfort, etc.
1. The bodies themselves are slippery, glossy, light. When I fix them in my ears - they can often fly out, this is facilitated by a stiff wire in the earhook.
2. In my case, there is no sound insulation, space remains between the earphone and the ear, the cases hang down and constantly fly out.
3. On me they look terribly, ugly, bulging out of my ears like an alien.
4. I don’t like the very shape of the cases; I don’t see anything special in them.
I will compare them with KZ ZSA and Senfer DT8, for me these 2 models - you can say the standard of a comfortable fit.

The photos didn’t really work out, just like that:
Additional Information

Everything is pretty good in the photographs, hmm. A man was lucky, but not me.

Build quality is high, judging bypictures, the Chinese did not use glue (cases are mounted on plastic latches). They are attached to the word reliably, there are no gaps, the headphone is perceived as solid.
2Pin connectors are fixed tightly, they are located in a special recess.

Nearby we see the application of "hybrid technology".
The left and right channels were marked creatively.

The sound guide is closed with a metal mesh, its diameter is 5.5 mm, native nozzles are put on without effort.

The compensation hole is one.

Sound Sources: Shanling M0, Daart Aquila, xDuoo X3-2.

KZ ZS4 almost completely copy the sound of the ZSA model.
The difference is insignificant, the ZS4 seemed a little to mebrighter (slightly), also in ZS4 more bass. The rest are about the same headphones. Of course, bright at the upper mid and high frequencies, this is already a traditional sound for KZ. ZS4 can withstand competition with other models of headphones up to $ 20.
Now let's talk like this, the headphones are12 dollars, you can apply the coupon dnv, cheaper. For their price, these are very, very worthy headphones, without any doubt. Bass is certainly not the fastest, not the most detailed, not the most accurate, but overall not bad. The upper middle and high are accented, so I can’t call the headphones comfortable. The scene is quite wide, the detail is good.
For the rest, see reviews on KZ ZSA, approximately one level.
P.S. I decided to still copy my own description to ZSA, maybe the description will help someone to make a choice.
Additional Information

To summarize: the same KZ ZSA in sound, but the bass is a bit more. For $ 12 will do, for such money it is difficult to make a claim against them, they definitely cost that money.
Thanks for attention.