Review of folk headphones Artiste DC1 | some of the best under $ 50.

Hello everyone, I have popular headphones on the reviewArtiste DC1. Given the upcoming sale - the price tag is expected to be very low (only $ 35). I believe that DC1 headphones displace the dashmansky hybrids from KZ, TRN, PHB, at least they do not cause any negative.

Back in July, there was such a topic on the forum player-ru:
Well, I started to follow this topic, I noticed thatmost like them, positive reviews. Of course, sometimes it comes to the point of absurdity that almost competitors are periodicals (and the most expensive ones), and they say they could compete with expensive models (for $ 100, 150) ...
I don’t think so, but given the price tag, the headphones are actually decent.
I will give the technical specifications:
- resistance: 32 ohm
Frequency Range: 20-40KHz
cable 1.2 meters (unfortunately fixed)
Sensitivity: 103dB
rated power: 3mW
-1 dynamic emitter (13 mm) + ceramic (12 mm).
-cases: metal
-color: red
The box is very solid, made of cardboard. In my case, she wrinkled slightly from the back (I took the headphones in the used state on the forum, maybe the former owner wrinkled slightly when removing, or maybe the mail is not the point).

On the reverse side - contact information, specifications, it is worth paying attention to the ceramic emitter, which is mentioned by the manufacturer. That is, they are not just single-driver dynamos.

Here are the characteristics themselves approximated:

Well, here in the corner the box wrinkled slightly:

I open the box, here's what's inside:

In the kit, I found a case, three pairs of silicone nozzles, as well as a rag ...

Headphone storage case - branded, opens slightly with a little effort.

Nozzles are quite tight, with a tight rod and with a small hole.

I changed the nozzles to Spinfit CP100, so I like it more.
The cable is in a silicone tight braid, it does not remember the shape, but sometimes it can get confused. The simplest, most ordinary cable, what else to say about it, can slightly microphone.

The plug is a straight, rubberized, cable divider made of the same material.
The control unit hangs on the right side (belowchin), it is plastic, one-button. Combinations are standard (1-2-3 clicks, play pause, answer a call, next track, etc.). The quality of the microphone is average lousy.

The plug is without a protective cambric, not the most convenient, small in diameter and short.
The control unit is made with high quality, the button is especially pleasing, it is pressed easily and with a clear click. The button does not play, and the unit itself is glued together well.
Remained corps, the only complaint is fromthey will bulge out small ears, otherwise elegant (sorry sold only in one color). Collected with dignity, made of aluminum and plastic. The form is basically nothing new, classic barrels with a sound guide shifted to the side.

A sound guide with a ledge, due to which the nozzles do not fly off.

The mesh seems to be metal:

There is of course a markup where which earphone:

Compensation hole:

The cable output from the housings is made with high quality, there is additional protection, a dense-rigid insert.

I have nothing more to add, the build quality is at a high level (this is not arvika for you), nothing falls off anywhere, the headphone as a whole.
Compared with 1More Triple Driver, the artists are a bit more:

Additional Information

The diameter of the sound guide, the barbell showed: 5.7 mm:
Additional Information

The landing is comfortable, the insulation is good.

Sources: Daart Canary, Shanling M0, Colorfly C200, Creative X-Fi HD.
On the forum, the headphones recommend "warm up." The former owner listened to them for about 10-15 hours, and with me they warmed up without a break for more than 110 hours. I did not notice the difference, the sound has not changed. They say that the headphones out of the box sound so-so, it takes literally an hour or two to swing, well, I don’t know, I didn’t listen to them from the box, I can’t say anything about this.
I found a dubious frequency response graph, at least I don’t hear any failures on the midrange.

The sound of the headphones is really very good,there is something to compare. The only thing is, the sound is not entirely mine ... Personally, I like headphones that sound slightly pinched, without peaks of high mid and high frequencies, which are noticeable by ear, that is, I prefer a darker pitch (Senfer DT8, Meze 11 Neo partially fits this description). But speaking in general, I think it would be the Artists who would go to most of the listeners.
I didn’t notice the midrange failure, on the contrary,the upper middle protrudes slightly. On vocals, female vocals sound great, but male vocals sound strange, not just squeaky, but somehow too bright. The resolution is normal, the detail of the mid frequencies is excellent, although the scene is most surprising. The scene is very wide, of course not the same as in the TFZ King Pro, but already close. The scene is not just wide, but also realistic, all the tools are in place, the positioning is very good.
Low frequencies.
The amount of bass - everything is simple, the bass is a bitaccented, that is, these headphones will not go to fans of even delivery and will not go to the headheads. The emphasis on bass seems to be there, but within reasonable limits, bass is on average, well, maybe a little more than average. The bass is deep enough, soft, fast. Given the price of the bass is normal, but when compared with King Pro, yes, there is a simplification.
When compared with competitors (Senfer DT8, KZ),about the same level. Headphones are not suitable for Bashedam for another reason, the upper middle equalizes the bass. The lowest bass frequencies are not cut, but I did not notice an overabundance of sub-bass in these headphones.
High frequencies.
Tall in their place, they are airy, bright, butwithout a noticeable accent, or rather, they stand out slightly. Again, for its price tag, everything is very good, much better than in cheap hybrid headphones (TRN V80). Also, attenuation on the treble is slightly reduced attenuation.
Cons and nitpicking.
1. The color of the cases (for everybody).
2. In my case, they stick out from the ears, with the Spinfit CP100 nozzles they stick out even more noticeably.
3. Do not change the cable.
four. For the very sensitive ones - they may seem a little bright in the upper averages. In some tracks, the rumor can be heard, but in comparison with the TRN V80, artists are better in this regard, the TRN V80 with its armature will simply trash the sound.
5. Slippery cases, I somehow fell to the floor, the paint on one of the headphones slightly receded.
6. DC1 demanding recording quality.
A few tracks for example:
Groovin ’U - Vincent Ingala feat. Gregg Karukas. A good track for comparing headphones, you can understand the width of the scene, the expressiveness of the mid frequencies. The scene in the headphones is really cool, the saxophone sounds surroundly. Some plates clatter against the background. I turn to Senfer DT8 for comparison, the plates on the background became less noticeable, while the middle went lower, the saxophone lost in volume, the scene became narrow. DT8 sounds a little softer, otherwise the artists probably win. Switching to TRN V80 - no comment, synthetic-loose plates clog everything ... reinforcing emitters TRN V80 (on a normal source) specifically disfigure sound on the high and high.
The next track is already for checking low frequencies. Safri Duo - Samb-Adagio. A popular track for checking bass.
Headphones cope, for comparison I take SenferDT8. What can I say, the artists did a little better, but ... BQ3 are good for such music, they are pretty bass headphones, and electronic music sounds richer in them. TRN V80 - about the same low frequencies, and to be honest, I haven’t heard much difference, I liked DC1 a little more.
Keb Mo - Every Morning and Another Nils TrackLofgren - “Keith Don’t Go. Chic, the guitar sounds in all its details. Strings are a separate topic, the strength of DC1, here artists should be compared with more expensive headphones (Shozy Hibiki).
Meja - Aqua De Beber. Female vocals. Artists seem to elevate vocals over instruments, it sounds close and voluminous. In DT8, vocals sound further, but at the same time they are not annoying, and everything is transmitted naturally. TRN V80 is not bad, but the armature spoils everything again, highlighting unnecessary sounds that do not allow you to focus on the voice itself.
To whom this is not enough, do not be lazy, go to the profile topic on the forum player dot ru, 28 pages with a detailed description of the sound ...
Another point, in the same forum, these ears are oftenthey sell, I think the fact is that they were well advertised, but for the sake of interest they were purchased and listened to purely ... Moreover, people who have available for example Whizzer A15 Pro, periodicals bought it ... well, of course this is a different level ... miracles do not happen.
On the nozzles, yes, you can indulge in it, took the nozzles from the BQEYZ BQ3, the brightness of the vsch is slightly gone, they became more pleasant.
To summarize ... Very decent headphones, moneythey stand their own, but they ask for them only $ 40. They are rather tagged in a different price category, not much inferior to Shozy Hibiki, Meze 11. Yes, not everyone will like it, there are no universal headphones yet, but in general they are quite suitable. Feel free to recommend buying.
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And this concludes my review, thanks for your attention.