Original and stylish. Asymmetric earrings

“In symmetry there is a certain beauty andharmony, but if you look closely at the asymmetric earrings, you can agree that this is not only original, but also stylish. And just in this fashion season, the trend is paired but asymmetrical earrings ”(excerpt from the magazine).
Of course, it was not the trend that encouraged me to buy these earrings, but I just liked them, but it's nice to know that it is fashionable :)

Earrings for a penny price look just great.

Material: Shell (as it is, mother-of-pearl). By the way, I received earrings with different shell colors - black and white (light in the picture). These are even more attractive.
Metal Type: Zinc Alloy (Light)
The sizes correspond to the declared

“The more strange and unusual your earrings are, the better”