Tablet with 7 ″ IPS screen on TELECHIPS TCC8803 chip

Just before the new year, I decided to buy myselfa tablet, but I really wanted 7-8 "and it was IPS. Ali was full of tablets with a screen from IPAD (9.7"), but I wanted it more compact, and actually there was no choice up to 200 bucks, there was only this model.
UPD: added a photo and some more information about the model.

UPD2: added a photo of the insides (!)
Unfortunately, I don’t have any info on this modelI dug up, so the purchase was blind - at my own risk and peril, so to speak. One thing was good - I bought Ainol 7 Advanced from the same seller, everything was in the best possible way, so for the sale I was sure. In addition, he asked for a 4GB card and a fabric cover as a bonus. We must be able to persuade;)
Given the hellish dollar rate at that time and the discount coupon, the tablet cost me almost 5.5t.r.
I say right away - we look at the pictures and description on the site. I’ll make real photos in the evening. In the meantime - my impressions (IMHO, in this case it is more important than pictures).
Equipment. The large white box, on which a completely different model is drawn, contained: a tablet, a USB cable, USB OTG, a network charger (with a flat plug, the seller did not put the adapter on, so he could not charge - the tablet worked on the remaining charge for about half an hour) and a couple of little pieces of paper.
Specifications are fully consistent withdescription. There is Android 2.3.3, of course, Russian is present. The market works, but not all programs are installed (for example, Skype and Super User were not installed, and Root no, apparently). But my favorite will fix this situation :)
Managed to drive away AnTuTu and a little upset:(Percents and memory are the norm, in particular, the CPU gave out about 550 points, but the video - 2D about 200, 3D about 300 :( points The total number of points (without testing the flash drive) is about 1900. In general, not a lot, especially in comparison with Ainol 7 Advanced.
Now about the case. He's awesome. Firstly, it is thin - a little less than 1cm. Secondly, it is metal, and the back surface is textured, anti-slip - fingers do not slip at all, it is impossible to drop the tablet. It looks, in my opinion, much better than the usual tablets, especially the parodies on the iPad. IMHO, the same Advanced does not look so interesting, but of course it tastes and color.
Screen. No, not so, SCREEN! IPS, rich colors, maximum viewing angles, a wide brightness setting (from “Oh, how easy it is to read in the dark” to “Oh, even in the bright sun you can see everything”). Resolution 1024x600, multi-touch for 5 touches. The coating has not yet been understood, but the finger does not slide as well as according to Gorila Glass. Maybe plastic, maybe glass - I don’t know yet.
Buttons three pieces (located on the top right) -“Back”, “menu” and “home”. There are no volume keys :( The power switch is very interesting: the upper position is the forced power off (cuts off immediately), the lowest position (unfixed, returns the lever to the middle position with a spring) - turns on the device or turns on / off the screen (sleep mode). Average, position, respectively - the device is either sleeping or working. There is a bright power indicator, IMHO, it would be better if it weren’t. When the device is on or asleep, it constantly lights up green (why is it on in sleep mode?). The device is off - indicator p, respectively, is off. When charging, perhaps, is red, until he could be charged because there is no adapter for our plug.
The camera is, the quality is poor, but for skypetrample (for this actually took a tablet with a camera). Wifi catches fine, but nothing more. For the first time, it’s somehow a bit figurative, even close to the router I showed 2 sticks out of three. After the reboot, I began to catch much better - near 3 sticks, through the wall - 2.
In general, the device is working fine, smartly,I did not have time to pay attention to which launcher is (it seems LauncherPro, but not sure). I have not had time to test the games yet. Some Chinese program was preinstalled - I launched it and didn’t even understand what it was, a player or a client of some network / service. Constantly hung in memory, so removed from sin away. Also pre-installed Flash 10.
Headache at the moment - is there anyfirmware (I’m silent about ICS, I’m probably a complete prospect, but I’ll say right away that I didn’t aim at it, because it’s still very crude, I think it will be brought to mind on such tablets at least six months later) and Root.
Given the price of $ 170 (even 180 bucks, couponslike now no), then a direct competitor is Ainol 7 Aurora, on the side of which there is more powerful hardware (it is at the Advanced level, if I am not mistaken), ICS and a large community. My tablet is more interesting in design. If I bought a tablet now, I would take Aurora, but then it was not for sale yet. Nevertheless, I do not regret the purchase.
I can recommend buying ifdesign is more important to you than powerful iron. Personally, I’m scared of the design, but the low performance (in comparison with Ainol 7 Advanced) makes me a little sad :( Although for surfing, watching video (hardware decoding FullHD drives) and it will go for light games. As for driving heavy games, I will unsubscribe. Well, if you wish , lay out the real pictures.
Actually, it’s naive to buy a tablet for 150 bucksand expect super duper performance from him. The same Advanced is not to say that the super duper is fast - it just shows the normal performance at the level (even a little more than) of my HTC Desire Z. In any case, platforms like Cortex 9 and Tegra 2 steer, but these are already different prices (more than 200 bucks).
P.S. Unlike some, I do not pursue the "pluses". It’s much more important for me to show people that buying an “unknown little animal” is not only extreme, but also very interesting :) And the result was not bad at all :)
A photo

Toys have not yet managed to drive.
I found out what else interesting. Auto-rotate the screen for some reason does not work, although the g-sensor is working properly (there is calibration in the settings and the levels are displayed correctly), most likely a jamb of firmware. Skype works, the video shows, but it’s tested quickly, and it seems like the interlocutor said that I was turned 90 degrees to the side (WTF? Ie tablet should be turned to landscape position?). Until I figured it out exactly, maybe I need to twist what settings. The battery jumps, you stick in the charge - it shows 100%. You pull it out - after 3 seconds it shows the real value (with an accuracy of 10%, ec-no). The device wakes up not very quickly, 3 seconds, it means it falls asleep specifically, you don’t have to worry much about the discharge in sleep mode. I have not had time to specifically poyuzat the battery, but the presence of one open bolt provokes me to open the device. I don’t know whether to decide or not :)
I do not know what else to write, otherwise, like all other tablets. If you have questions, ask.
I could not resist and disassembled. It can be easily disassembled (it’s going to be heavier;)) - the bolt is unscrewed and then the lid is removed gently, it is latched - there are small antennae near the lid and L-shaped protrusions on the body. In general, the lid snaps neatly and gradually and the guts are visible:
Photo of the insides

There is only one speaker, but it is very loud, you can easily watch movies and listen to music.
The battery is large, although without inscriptions, but most likely consists of two cans, so I believe in the declared characteristics of 3.7V 3400mAh.
Well, the rest as stated - percent TCC8803, 512MBmemory, 4 Giga flash, Wi-Fi - Atheros. The only thing I didn’t understand is the role of the antenna on the circuit on the circuit board? Usually this is a separate posting, but there is nothing like that.
I hope my info will be useful to someone.
I launched evil birds - the menu flies, the game itself is going fine. The regular launcher is similar to LauncherPro, but still some other. LauncherPro set it and he, as it should be, flies.
And here I came across their website:
Additional Information

No firmware is available for download :( I will write a request for mail for the sake of interest :)