Heated handles for moto or snowmobile

Not so long ago, a good friend turned to me and asked me to help him make pens on his scooter.
Ready-made versions of heated pens did not suit, so it was decided to buy this kit and realize an old dream on it.
Today in the morning I received a neat little box in the mail with all the heating elements.

Inside, everything turned out to be what the seller indicated in his store, and the bonus was a small skein of black electrical tape, although I try to use heat shrink instead.

After looking at the design, it was decidedto test it, the seller said that the power consumption for such heating is about 10 watts, the operating voltage is 12 volts, therefore the current will reach a value of slightly more than 0.8 a, which any scooter can pull.
Recently, I wrote a review about a power supply for a 24-watt tape, it has an output current of 2A and a voltage of 12 V. The current is of course a bit too big, but it will do for the test.
Assembled this design:

I connected the power supply to the network, after 15 seconds the temperature onthe surface of the heating threads reached 32 degrees, the temperature of the air in my house is 26 degrees. The principle is pretty good, a little later there will be a test on a scooter, there will be more accurate measurements.
By the way, such heating can be set for themselves by drivers of those cars where there is no regular mirror heating. The size of the heating element is 90x85 mm.
Video of work: www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2i3aiOOJzo&feature=youtu.be