Radar detector Ruccess STR-S900-G GPS + arrow

Good afternoon friends. Today I will tell you about an interesting and necessary thing for almost every motorist. Now a modern car besides stuffed with electronics is hung with additional devices, namely, a registrar, a navigator (if not in the radio), and an anti-radar (radar detector). That's about this interesting and necessary thing and we will talk.

In the modern world, on highways even"Provincial" cities already hung cameras. To avoid fines and safely drown with a gas pedal, a device is used that warns the driver in advance about “danger” on the road, whether it be a punishing “hair dryer” in the hands of the traffic police or a “seeing eye” of stationary and portable cameras. Let's try to understand this device in more detail, as well as see its positive and negative sides. Well, to make out. How does it work and is it worth the money.
The cost of the ratio of characteristics is not large. And with the declared GPS buns, map updates, and the arrow, it becomes quite tempting.
The Chinese company Ruccess launches adapted versions of its radars on the Russian market.
Frequency ranges
* X band: 10.525 ± 50MHz
* Range to: 24.125 ± 100 MHz
* Laser Range: 904mn ± 3300MHZ
* Line: 30ns pulse-30ns
Heart rate is 25ms
Detected Radars
Autodoria, cordon, Chris, PKS-4, rapier-1, arrow, binary, golden eagle, vizier, spark, radis, robot, arena,
Electrical parameters
* operating voltage 10.5 to 36,
* Operating current (12V): 120-300 mA
Work temperature
* Operating 20: -20 to 60 ° C
* Storage Temperature: -30 to 70 ° C
Fast delivery from a warehouse in Moscow.
The radar detector was packed in a box completelyprepared for our market. All inscriptions are in Russian. Good and coherent translation, not just machine translation. On the bottom of the box is a small number of features.

On the sides of the icon are what the given detector and QR codes of the manufacturer’s data can.

Inside the box, everything is packed in individual packages. Good minimum equipment includes not only instructions in Russian, but also plastic mounts for laying the power wire.

The instruction is quite extensive and fully describes all the settings of this detector with pictures.


Under the instruction, a radar detector was placed in a recess of corrugated cardboard.

As I mentioned above, the equipment is sufficientfor laying the cable. For these purposes, the kit includes plastic clips on a 2-sided tape, a plastic spatula for the harmless opening of plastic parts of the car's interior.

The blade is comfortable, rough plastic, elastic.

A small thread and 6 plastic clips on a 2-sided tape for laying the power cable.

Wire for updating databases. It is connected to the device via the USB mini B connector. How to do this, a little lower in the text. After receiving the radar detector, an update to the base was required.

For mounting on the windshield, includedplastic pad and double-sided transparent tape. The platform is mounted on the windshield and allows you to quickly remove the detector. For example, at night, if you are afraid of vandals.

When installed on the windshield, you can hide the device behind the mirror. The detector screen is not particularly informative, since you can configure not only visual, but also voice alerts.

Power is supplied from standard wiringcar, through the cigarette lighter socket. For convenience, a button is located on the power supply that is highlighted and can be turned off at any time. The power supply has a 2A fuse. The wire is quite flexible and fits well into the grooves. At the end there is a small connector for connecting to a radar detector.

After connecting to power. The radar detector will welcome in Russian, offer to fasten your seat belts and wish you a happy journey. But before using it is better to stop.
Dimensions are minimal.

So. setup is not complicated and is described in great detail in the instructions. For control, only 3 buttons are used, so it is not realistic to get confused. A small preview below. Fast on the menus.
Fine tuning in alert mode will allowturn off the radar alert. Settings will be made according to the speed parameters, and can be set manually. If this is a stationary complex and it is in the GPS base, then for such radars there is a notification range setting up to 1 km. If the radar is determined by the forces of the detector itself, then the signal level (range) can be seen on the screen in the form of 5 color bars. The closer to the radar, the more strips will light up. When you turn on the radar, GPS is detected quickly enough, usually no more than 1-2 minutes.
I don’t know how useful the function is, but if there is one, I’ll also mention it. A digital compass was displayed on the detector screen, which determines the direction of movement of the car. The compass works thanks to GPS.
To update the GPS base you need to download from official site or with reserve new base. The latest update was from September 2018. And install. To do this, connect the detector to the computer with a complete wire and start the installation process.

The seller’s website proudly sounds that they are using Korean-made components.

+ The first and main “+” is, of course, a radar detector catches all the cameras (which I know) installed on our collective farm.
+ High-quality translation of instructions and voice acting of the detector's action, allow use without visual control
+ Quickly removable mount from lovers to profit from someone else's good.
+ There are no false positives on the automatic doors of “networkers”
+ Update (I hope not the last)
+ A large range of captured radars, including the arrow.
+ Competitive price with similar ones presented in the Russian Federation
+ Database of stationary cameras in the memory of the detector determined by GPS
+ A large number of settings, and the ability to disable unnecessary ranges, or adjust the sensitivity level and the range of radar detection.
± In sunny weather, not dimmablethe screen will be poorly visible, but when setting up the detector, you can not look at the screen, since restrictions and warnings can be duplicated by voice or sounds.
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