Belt with steel buckle.

Range of lengths: 105 - 130 centimeters. Declared - natural (natural) skin of vegetable (whatever that means) tanning. Buckle (two versions) and other stainless steel metal fittings. Japanese paints. Many interesting things are shorter, well, let's see.

As usual a few words about ordering and delivery. This time both brought only positive surprises. First, the seller, on his own initiative, sent the order with ePacket, then the latter managed to arrive in just ten days from the date of actual shipment. The total waiting time was two weeks.
Additional Information

The belt came in a slightly exhausted journeya simple paper box dressed in a fabric case. Transparent polyethylene covered the buckle at the show. On one of the sides of the box a standard punch glued with tape was discovered.
Now moving away from the usual sequence, right to the details. Buckle.

Big and heavy. Almost six centimeters on each side and nearly seventy grams of weight. The surface without any noticeable coating, but with numerous traces of exposure to abrasive. The metal is subtlely magnetized.


Screws. The diameter of the caps is about a centimeter. One is a little longer, two are shorter. The threads do not jam, they are easily twisted and, most importantly, twisted. The slot for the screwdriver is deep. The "kids" weigh 2.6 grams each, and 2.8 grams is the bigger one.

Loop and rings. Rough, unyielding. Large and too “regular” pores on the front surface cause associations with obvious leatherette. Perhaps this is it.

Of the rings, what was wider was pressed by the loop, the second was threaded onto the belt just like that. As usual, in general. The ends are brought together with a paper clip, also without surprises.

The belt itself. Size 120". The actual length of the canvas turned out to be 18.5 cm. Within the error declared by many sellers. The width exactly matches the promised 38 mm. The weight of the cut is 152 grams.

Spilled with paint generously from all sides. The ends look especially sad. A slight odor is present.

For comparison, the old "hard worker". Beaten by life, but not broken.

It is stained through, so even large cracks in the eyes are not so striking.

Unlike a beginner. Not yet worn, but already began to be covered with bright pockmarks.

And therefore, as at a cut ... Vague doubts torment © how this good will begin to look with time, when the paint starts to wear out.

For safety, I ordered a size larger. Thought to cut off the extra heel of centimeters and already experiment on the crop. However, the belt turned out to have seven holes for the buckle - this is exactly two more than my old one and it sits just right. It is foolish to spoil the head part in this case. Nevertheless, I still pinched a small strip.

I tried to set fire. The fibers melt like hair, the outer part caught fire in the flame of a lighter, but the fire itself does not “hold”. Immediately went out, charred, dry ash crumbles.

Assembling back or where to start.

An undoubted advantage - fastening with three screws at once. Sits like a glove.

Trying, where without it (lived, you have to take a selfie)).

That's all. As a result: the buckle is like norms, its fastening is excellent. There are questions to the belt. Was the right choice time will tell.