Discount for dog collars and hats. Price from $ 1.07

A good price for Christmas-themed dog collars and hats.
Such a product can be a great gift for your four-legged friend or your friend / relative dog lover.
The price of hats with a butterfly 1.75 $
The price of collars is from $ 1.07 to $ 2.33, depending on size.
❈ ═══════❖═══════❈ ❈
Set of hats for dogs.

You can choose from 4 colors: turquoise, red, pink and blue.
Sizes of a hat and butterfly:

❈ ═══════❖═══════❈ ❈
Collar with a bells and a bow.
You can choose one of three design options and 4 sizes:
Size / Circumference:
S: 14-22 cm
M: 19-30 cm
L: 35-42 cm
XL: 37-65 cm

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