Discount for the thin keyboard A4Tech KV-300H, for 1272.00 rubles. with free delivery at Boxberry ... and mini-review

The child looked after the keyboard for comfortable typing on a laptop.
I found a suitable A4Tech KV-300H keyboard from reviews.
Searched for offline stores, the price starts from 1.5 tyr and above.
And then I saw a discount in TMALL and decided to order.
One BUT ...
Mail delivery is not free, Boxberry delivery is free, but not to all cities, delivery conditions must be specified.

UPD. AT Citylink 1420 rub. + Delivery 50 rub., Total 1470 rub.
UPD.2 Sent the parcel, though it’s somehow awkward ... Delivery to the Boxberry pick-up point, and delivery by SPSR-Express
We are waiting ...
P.S. Basically, all the discounts that I post, I find, and then check for myself: - [
UPD.3 The keyboard arrived in Belgorod in 2 days !!!
I am in shock.
And a mini-review from my son
The cord is malleable, the front cover does not get dirty,completely made of plastic, but heavy and with rubber legs so it won’t roll around the table, the goods arrived in 3 days, the packaging is decent, all the keys are pressed equally
Keyboard Photo

P.S. About the 3rd day, this is to the fact that he did not pick up the package the same day as she arrived при
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