Roxy Snowboard Jacket

The review is devoted to an excellent snowboard jacket =) Details of the purchase, size selection and a lot of photos under the cut.
She ordered Roxy blue pants with a jacket. They will also have a review.
Updated: Added a couple of photos from life. The set has passed the test vacation, everyone is happy

I have long looked at seemingly the same triggeras in Moscow, sold by aliexpress. As a result, I took a chance and ordered. And it turned out to be the most successful purchase ever made on this site, and there were not a few of them.
The seller sends the parcels by EMS. One day was spent on processing the order, on November 1, the parcel was at the post office of China, on the morning of November 8, I already measured my kit =)
The parcel was wrapped in tape and packed in a pair of very tight bags. Arrived intact.
Packing photos

The jacket turned out to be exactly the same model that is sold in official Roxy stores. The only thing is that this color is not represented in Russia, but it is on the official website.
Photo Labels

It's very easy to determine the size if there is a Roxy store in the city. I went in, tried it on, ordered it. Dimensions are the same.
I ordered a size S jacket and size M pants. I took a lot more than I really am (height 164 cm, weight 49 kg), because it is necessary to take into account thermal, protection, sweatshirts and other volume enhancers, well, so that the movement does not hinder. I tried on the other day in full vestment, it turned out perfectly. (P.s. After riding I decided that I should have taken my pants S)
Well, actually the heroine of the review jacket herself.
Jacket photo

It is perfectly sewn, there are enough pockets, warm, there is ventilation, a snow-protective skirt, fastening to the pants, well, in general, everything is in place. The hood can be unfastened, it is attached to the buttons.
The jacket (and pants, by the way, too) successfully passed the water test. I just took and substituted them under a stream of water for 5 minutes. This is enough for me to understand that I will not get wet.
And, as already discussed in the comments, abouthow well this jacket removes steam I can only say conditionally, because I sweat extremely little. For half an hour in an excellently heated apartment (I go in a T-shirt and shorts) I did not sweat.
pockets + ventilation + hood

Finally, a spoiler hiding clumsy sleepy pictureson the body, made by a dissatisfied husband)) I promise to refrain with the onset of the season. The jacket is dressed only in thermal, so there is no proper volume. When pulled off, sweatshirts again look better.
Photo on sleepy me

RESULT: you can take your favorite model and color.
Jacket checked at -10. She skated for about 5 hours, and there were periods of both high and low activity. Not frozen and not sweating. I am still satisfied with the quality, I’ll take it to the mountains.