Orthopedic Insoles "Socomfy SH314A"

For physical education, for running, in sneakers,acquired orthopedic insoles "Socomfy" model SH314A. I will share my impression of them, as well as compare them with the school Gel Active Sport helium insoles.
Insoles are sold in two dimensions: size S for legs 35–40 sizes and L for legs 41–45 sizes. Packing a couple of ordinary bags, no blisters, tags, and nothing like that.

On the insoles themselves, too, there are no inscriptions mentioning the manufacturer's company.

The insoles are made of polyurethane with holes for removing moisture. The upper side of the insoles is pasted over with a yellow cloth.

The underside is two-tone orange-yellow withthree inserts: blue and black from elastic plastic, white from hard plastic. The length of the insoles of size L is 282 mm., The width is 95 mm., The thickness in the toe is 4 mm., The heel is 8 mm., The weight is 34 grams.

On the orange part, dimension lines are plotted, indicating the size, for cutting the insoles with scissors to the desired size.

The insoles have very developed lateral support, which starts from the middle of the foot and increases to the heel, reaching a height of 22 mm.

The length of the insole is slightly small, by onesize, but they have enough fullness, despite the fact that I have a wide paw. When running, the foot does not slip on the insole, the lateral support is clearly visible, it fixes the foot well. Blue and black inserts are not felt in any way. And white is clearly visible, it is much tougher than the rest of the insole. And the heel is very high lifted, it is uncomfortable. There is no support for the arch of the foot. I can not say anything about perspiration, it was not hot, the insoles were used at a temperature near zero.
Compared to the School Gel Active Sport, Socomfy SH314A insoles performed worse.

School is softer with clearly visible support.arches of the foot. Of the benefits of Socomfy, only lateral support. In general, they are no better than simple insoles. The truth is that “School” and me are not particularly impressive, the only thing that distinguishes them is support for the arch of the foot. As a result, Socomfy SH314A insoles from sneakers migrated to shoes. And I do not recommend buying insoles for purchase.