Bag from not very good sealer

My friend dreamed like something about a bagroomy, like a folder under Achetyre’s papers, it’s mainly to carry in a car and it would not look “awful”, well, in the sense I wanted it to contrast with the interior color) Well, such habits, and it’s not surprising by the way for some reason) As a result , I decided on the day of birth to give him a wonderful color composition for his salon, I ran off-line shopping, something was all wrong. And I got a review here just about the future of my Chinese companion. Not long going from shop to shop, and thinking with color, it was decided - to take! - and now this miracle came under my cursor. I asked the seller, after confirming the payment, to send it within 1-2 days, to which he unsubscribed, that he had already been sent and gave the track. Well, I forgot about this gift joyful. On a normal morning, I check my mail, and there’s a letter with Ali, well, I think the delivery time is running out, reading what is in the letter I’m perplexing a bit, my Chinese companion writes that I can pick up the bag in the mail, but it was Sunday morning, the mail was locked . Honestly, how much I ordered never, the seller did not write that the goods were delivered (maybe not everyone is tracking me like me). On Monday, everything was picked up, and examined briefly, everything worked out, but I did not put out a review, knowing the specifics of the original Chinese goods. And it turned out not in vain, the wife took a look and immediately said that the lining is torn. And then it all started. If shorter - I wrote to the seller that you sent a bag glued to the glue, and he walked away completely, and right now there was one big hole in the lining along the entire length. He replied that I cut, with a knife, with scissors. When I sent the photo where it is visible how the seam is glued to the glue, he said that he would take any decision of mine and would respect him (as the googol said so). Well, I drove to the shoe repair, the master told me there 300 rubles, I am the seller of 10 usd - he told me ok. I give him 2 stars for a damaged gift and time spent. He called me a liar, that I promised 5 stars and gave 2. On the screen you can see when he asked me for 5 stars - I wrote to him - literally: Hi my dear friend, you work is not 5 stars, I'm sorry but it's true . What he complained about.)

In general, I urge you not to put 5 stars on their requests, I was guided by the reviews. Right now, if there is at least 1 negative and review of the case, I will try not to take from such dealers.
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