External ALLPOWERS battery at 10000mAh (2xUSB, 2.4A)

A small review of the external battery (paverbank) at 10000mAh from the brand ALLPOWERS.
This is a small, lightweight version of mobile power, without the extra "gadgets."
No flashlight, no quick charge (Qucik Charge), but just a couple of outputs (2.4A and 1A).

The plus is a strict design.
Under the cut a small review and test "banks".
Here is such an external battery for testing ALLPOWERS Power Bank 10000mAh Portable External Battery Pack with Dual USB Output.
The power bank looks pretty decent, the design is strict.

There is a power button, a charge indicator, two outputs, an input for charging (up to 2A).

Plus - a small compact lightweight power bank for every day. For each - because the capacity is small.

Capacity: 10000mAh
Type: Emergency / Portable
Quality Certification: EMC, MSDS, CE, RoHS, FCC
Output Interface: Double USB
Support Quick Charge Technology: No
Battery Capacity (mAh): 9001-10000mAh
Battery Type: Li-polymer
BatteryOutput: 5V / 2.4A
Supports Solar Energy: No
Input Interface: Micro USB
Is LED Lamp Illumination: No
Weight: 192g
Size: 136x67x16mm
Color: black
Warranty: 18-month product guarantee from ALLPOWERS
The manufacturer gives the following infographic forthe comparative number of full charge cycles of smartphones. Depending on the battery capacity of the device from 1 to 3 times. Fairly good, considering the size and weight of PB

Packaging is modest, but branded.

The kit includes a cable and instructions.

St. Petersburg is packed in a case so that the prints of Chinese collectors do not remain.

The instructions are quite detailed, there are notes on the warranty period (18 months, from the store).

The cable is short, medium quality, about 50 cm.

It can be used both for charging devices, and for the PB itself

The appearance is strict - black and gray plastic, strict, discreet.
There is a charge indicator PB, four LEDs (25-50-75-100 percent)At the end there is a power button, power output (two lightnings), just an output * 1A), an input for charging
On the back there is information about the model, capacity, and output currents.

The dimensions of the PB are small, about 13 by 7 cm, but the thickness is very small, at the level of the thickness of smartphones (only 16 mm).

To assess the quality of the external battery, I conducted standard tests.
To begin with - checking the output voltage at idle.
PB produces 5.0 V clearly.

Load 1A. Voltage 4.96V.

Load 2A. Voltage 4.93V

Load 2.4A. Voltage 4.93V

The external battery manages without muchproblems. The voltage is slightly underestimated initially, but stabilizes within the limits of what is permitted. There are no drawdowns or strong deviations with increasing load, and this is quite good.
Full capacity tests show about 9000mAh oncharge (permissible capacity according to the characteristics of 90001 ... 10000mAh, according to the tester 8980mAh), discharge capacity 6969mAh, which, taking into account the efficiency within the normal range. Charges with current up to 2A, which is also quite good.

But the external battery does not support end-to-end charging.
The output produces a voltage lower than required (4.5V) and is not suitable for powering devices.

Also, there is no power mode for low currents - at the touch of a button, the voltage is issued for 30 seconds, then the PB goes off, you need to switch it on.

In general, we have a pretty good optionexternal battery, budget enough. Suitable for powering smartphones or gadgets in the daily urban cycle. 10000mAh capacity is enough 2-3 times to "feed" the smartphone.
The pluses are strict design, the absence of whistle-fakes, (bright displays, flashlights, etc.).
In cons, I would write down the current value, forsuch money can be taken with a QC3.0 fast-charging device, so it makes sense to wait for the sale (or to drop and take the same version for 20,000 mAh on August 28 - sale of brands).
ALLPOWERS external battery is quite simpleand budget, has an unobtrusive charge indication, as well as an honest 2.4A output. Due to the used lithium-polymer battery (light, flat, compact), the total capacity (9000mAh according to tests) drops slightly, which, taking into account the efficiency, is enough for two full charges of an average smartphone.
Store: ALLPOWERS Official Store, there are other options for chargers and external batteries
Thanks for attention!