12 zodiac signs

Hello everyone
I don’t know whether it is possible to guess from the title picture that these are postcards beloved by many.
But these are distinguished by the absence of habitual congratulations and wishes. Each of them in our review will personify your zodiac sign.
The package was shipped via China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus and lasted about 20 days. Not bad. And we see the leaflet enclosed in the package witha reminder to the seller that if we like this product, we can thank it by giving a good review. If there are any problems, then instead of a dispute, first turn to him.

Looking ahead, I’ll say that the seller received a solid five in the recall. No, there were flaws ... in the form of a bent corner on a part of postcards, but this was quickly fixed.

The seller put a gift in the form of a sticker, signing it on the back as “Gift”. I will say right away that the sticker seemed a little strange (lips).

Is there one that you really like among them? In general, these cards were taken because of the lion cub

fish ... I really liked it too.

Some more.

Now we take a look at the back of the postcard. What a little upset - the quality of the back is not very good, but it doesn’t hurt the eyes.

Alai Oli has a song “Lion will die for love”, who has the opportunity, listen
That's all. Is it worth the money? I think yes.
Thanks for reading.