198 in 1 8 bit classic game cartridge for game console

Hello. Under kat information for fans of NES games. (Dandy)
The cartridge was ordered in connection with the purchase of an 8-bit Subor D99 game console. The parcel arrived pretty quickly in 22 days. Everything is securely packed

Normal standard cartridge. The case on latches.

On the board, we see 2 encrypted chips and one designated chip - 128 kB RAM.

When you install a cartridge, a list of 198 games is downloaded. You can see it on the product page. Here I can’t bring it because it is not copied.

We move around the list with arrows and select the desired game with the "Start" button. When you exit the game in the list, click "Reset" while the cursor is always set to the first game.
There are 198 full games in the cartridge.
Subjectively, the differences between single-game cartridges have not yet been noticed. Although theoretically possible of course are the nuances in the passage of some sort of games, But the subject replaces the suitcase of their own kind.