3 in 1 - Clock-thermometer-voltmeter in a car

I offer a review of the gadget for cars. This is a device showing time, temperature, battery voltage, and other goodies.
Briefly - I liked it. Details under
A year ago, I bought just a voltmeter. I wanted to build in the dashboard. But then he changed his mind about the collective farm and decided to take a gadget, but more universal (informative). I bought for $ 10.98.
Similar gadgets have already been reviewed on the musk, but in a different case.

and such

But they did not suit me. After a short search, I found this one.
The selection criterion was a rectangular shape, small size, but with large signs. The gadget you are observing meets this criteria.

In the box enclosed:
1.Gadget itself
2.Power wire with a tip for connection to the cigarette lighter.
3. Wire with temperature sensor
4. Installation instructions (with Russian description)

I will begin the review with TTX.
1. Dimensions
Height - 51mm
Width - 130mm
23.5mm thick
Digit Height - 12mm
By the way, the height can be reduced by removing the stand made in the form of legs on the entire width of the body. (Sorry for the photo)

Then the height will be 32mm. Yes, another nuance. The case is made in the form of a beveled rectangle. When installed on a flat surface, a slope of 15 degrees is obtained back.

To whom it is, but I just need it, because the installation site of the gadget is lower than the torpedo.
Electrical specifications.
1. Supply voltage 12 / 24V
2. Consumption current:
Blue backlight - 19mA.
Red backlight - 29mA.
3.Temperature - according to the description from -50 to +70 degrees.
I didn’t measure it by minus, but by plus it shows 70 degrees, then it shows NN.

Varying underestimates by 0.2V.

The temperature is underestimated by 2 degrees.
The difference between the readings of the internal and external sensors is 1 deg ((see photo above))
Backlight red

The backlight is blue.

The blue backlight is clearly weaker (according to the current). For night mode itself.
Blue night

Red night

The backlight switch is on the side of the slider. About the backlight switch a bit later.
There are 5 buttons on top of the case. The purpose and setting of these buttons is well described in the instructions (in Russian).
Rear 2 connectors (black and white) for connectionpower wires and temperature sensor, as well as battery cover (2pcs). Before turning on, you need to slide this cover and pull out the insulating plate to earn hours.

Well, now an autopsy (dismemberment).

Oppa, and one wire from the tweeter is dumped. I thought my jamb when I disconnected the case. When soldered, peaks were heard when the buttons were pressed. And when I set the time, there were no peaks. So not me. :)
Here you can see the internal temperature sensor attached to the board (near the black connector).
The screen is connected via tape and a two-color LED is visible on the right.

The light from the LED is transmitted through such a fiber.

The backlight switch has turned off. Red turns on, and blue from the fifth kick or not at all. You will have to look for such a small switch or put a microtumber switch.
This concludes my review. Good luck to all.
At the request of readers, I added a photo of the bass amplifier, instead of which I will install this gadget.