7 ″ 1-DIN Android car radio

I have long wanted to put in the car instead of the standardRadio harvester on android. Most of these devices have a 2-DIN form factor, which I just have nowhere to install. And models with a retractable screen did not inspire confidence. And then recently while walking in Ali, I came across this miracle of Chinese thought.
Offal have a size of 1-DIN, and the screen is connected to them through a special snap fastener. In addition to this, the Chinese promised:

  • Android 5.1
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 32 GB of internal memory
  • 7 inch screen 1024 * 600
  • Intel Sofia 3GR processor
  • Bluetooth: 4.0
  • Wifi
  • 2 USB sweat
  • SD card slot

As a result, the toad was strangled and after 2 weeks the EMS courier had already handed me the long-awaited box.
A bunch of boxes

Packed quite securely. The most fragile part - the screen - is in a separate box in a healthy piece of foamed polyethylene.
Let's see what non-greedy Chinese have put to us.
In total in two boxes: “system unit”, GPS / GLONASS antenna, remote microphone, two types of cables, NFC tag, screen, mounts for mounting the radio, spare screen mount.

Screen itself:

Big photo

Now you need to check if it works. We connect the BATT and GND wires to the power supply, look at the illuminated lights ... After a couple of minutes, he remembers another wire - ACC. After connecting it, things went better:

The radio turns on for about a minute. When the ignition is turned off, it goes to sleep, after turning on it wakes up instantly. The screen is bright, viewing angles are large. Touch buttons to the left of the screen are reluctant. Mechanical would be much better.
Now let's move on to the software part of their screenshots.
Work begins with the launch of the launcher:

It has two modes - automobile, in which only selected programs are displayed and full - with a list of all programs and widgets.
When you turn on one of the "automotive" programs - audio / video players or radio - the launcher widget changes appearance:

Pre-installed programs have an interface of medium degree of fear and Russification.

In the OEM folder, the Chinese carefully laid out several useful programs. Of course, we will not install them:

The white spot on the left of the screen is a floating button. When you click on it, the on-screen menu appears.

You can disable it at any time:

The settings of the automobile part (MCU) did not even translate:

Here the password from the instructions comes in handy:

For example, to change the boot logo:

There is an alternative launcher, but I liked the first one more:

Satellites are caught well:

The internal memory is similar and true 32 GB:

Maybe someday OTA will arrive:

In general, he is an android and in China an android. Except for a small point. Most programs install and work without problems. But there are incidents. So for example, in 2GIS it is impossible to get to the search bar, which makes it useless.

The fact that this is not a glitch of the firmware can be verified by running Google maps, in them the search bar is where it should be.
And now a little about sad things. Despite the claimed "Bluetooth 4.0" in the settings of the android BT is not mentioned at all. As I was explained on w3bsit3-dns.com, the blue tooth is controlled by a separate processor - the MCU and is not accessible through the usual Android interfaces. As a result, you can connect via BT only phones (HSP / HFS, A2DP profiles, Internet access and contact exchange) and devices like Elm327. My initial idea was to order a bluetooth remote control and fasten the blue electrical tape to the steering wheel.
Another problem. With an incoming call, the radio does not show the name of the caller. Most likely I will have a long digging forums and parsing apk-files.
The connection of the cameras (rear view and DVR) failed to check, because they are still on the way.
Pros: Android, and not the oldest, with all the consequences. Decent filling. Bright, responsive screen. An interesting form factor.
Minuses: radio control buttons are touch sensitive, do not always work (maybe they need to be calibrated). Some programs, such as 2GIS, do not display correctly. Slightly clumsy translation. The Bluetooth module only works with phones and Elm327. Caller name is not displayed.
The overall impression is positive.