7 port USB hub

A review of a good USB hub, plus a little tweaking with a soldering iron at the end.
A USB hub is a useful thing in the household, especially if the system driver is at the table and getting to the rear USB ports is difficult, and sometimes just too lazy.
And somehow, looking through group purchases in search of something interesting, I came across this hub.
The seller brutally promised us 7 USB ports and that they will all be USB 2.0. So what can you try, suddenly it will be normal.
About the price

The package is packed in a yellow package, inside only the hub is nothing more.

We take it to the light.

Wow little white.
We examine it carefully.

Fixed cable, 53 cm long.
Side connector for additional power.
Before connecting to the computer, we examine the patient from the inside.
Open, everything rests on plastic pins.

We examine the board.

And here is the mikruhi hub. The hub is built on 2 MA8601 chips.

Mikruhu documentation

There is one capacitor 100uF 10V.

And on the board there are two more hole boxes for capacitors.

Places of soldering parts were a little dirty with some very sticky flux, had to be cleaned with an alcohol.
Now we can turn it on. We connect the wire to USB, click the switch and ... a little horsefly in one eye.

Such brightness is certainly a minus, it is necessary to somehow fix it, since I had no prospect of using it as a night lamp.
Here is the culprit.

I dug up my stocks of parts, found not a bright red, soldered.

Plus, for that matter, added Conder just in case

Turn on, check. Now much better.

We try to stick everything that is, everything works, nothing falls off.

And a little test.
Speed ​​test

No cat