8 ”VOYO Winpad A1 Mini Intel Z3735D

Good afternoon. I want to give you an overview on a recently purchased tablet on Windows 8.1.
After a year of using Android, with all my good attitude towards it, I, like many, was faced with the inability to use various special programs that are made for Windows. After quite a long search, I chose this tablet, what is it like ?! Read below ...
A little background:
After a year of torment, he sold his AinolHero 2 10.1 "and decided to purchase a new tablet of a slightly smaller size with more functionality and smaller brakes. The tablet was supposed to be used mainly for home surfing in addition to a laptop and possible subsequent use when traveling. I ordered a yellow tablet and immediately with a standard simple case. I made an order with delivery of EMS ($ 20) to come quickly and whole.
Features Voyo WinPad A1 Mini:

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The tablet was packed in a standard yellow baginside of which everyone’s favorite bumble with a paralon (3-5mm), and in it is a box with the device itself and a cover separately outside the box. The packaging is normal, but just in case I wrote a video when unpacking (it saved more than once). The price of the device indicated in the EMS documents was $ 55, the weight is 0.95 kg. The kit includes an adapter cable from miniUSB to normal USB, a charger with plugs for our sockets (they put me on the 2nd), the instruction is exclusively in Chinese with pictures that teach the basics of Win8.1 and some other booklet card, it’s a pity, that there’s no MiniHDMI adapter, it’s clearly not enough for the kit, I’ll buy it separately.
And now directly to the device.
The back panel is made of fairly easily soiled glossy plastic. There is also a logo, serial number, two speakers and a camera.

On the left side of the display are all the connectors of this device, they are even signed, which may not have at least some need, but still nice.

Here we see:
connector for charging on 9V 2A; a microphone (quite good); microSD card slot up to 64GB (board / processor limitation); MicroHDMI (could not check).
MiniUSB. Here I will dwell in more detail, because This connector is a fully-fledged USB with the ability to connect any device, like to a regular desktop PC or laptop. An external 1TB hard drive, a TV tuner connected without problems, mice, keyboards or USB hubs work without complaints.
Next come the headphone jack (3.5 mm jack) and the on / off button of the device.
At the top are the volume rocker and the Windows button, everything is also signed.

5-point capacitive IPS tablet screentouch (although many sellers indicate 10), with excellent viewing angles (clearly above 175 degrees) and good brightness. I consider the lower threshold of brightness to be slightly overestimated, I would like a little lower. The upper threshold is very good, it suits me.
Unfortunately, the camera did not convey the colors of the screen, but I assure you that everything is in order

The resolution of the picture is 1280 * 800 and I could only see the pixels on the screen by enlarging the photo several times:

Wireless devices Your tablet has Wi-Fi (802.11 b / g / n), which works without problems and does not differ in the quality of network fishing from my laptop and Bluetooth 4.0, which allows you to connect a mouse and keyboard wirelessly, if necessary. There is NO 3G module in the tablet (although there is a place for the board inside), nor GPS. Considering that today basically everyone on the phone has the opportunity to create a WI-FI access point, I do not consider the lack of built-in 3G a huge minus, but for those who really need to buy an external 3G modem or pay extra and buy this tablet with a 3G module for called Qumo Vega 8008W (iron is the same). I connected the tablet to my home Wi-Fi network and read / work Nout files on the tablet without problems, including and streaming video pulls.
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I did not fully understand the settings of the camera (the standard settings are not complete and do not have the ability to change the quality, although there are settings for the photo on the Windows avatar), so please do not trust these photos very much.
Battery Here, perhaps, is the most important minusdevices. The battery itself has 5000mAh, which is not so much, but there is another pitfall - this is a problem with the controller displaying the charge correctly (the charge can dance and give the tablet an incorrect command to turn off). This problem is embedded in hardware and it is impossible to solve it from under the OC / BIOS. I have this problem displayed from time to time in a charge jump from 60% to 40% and long work at 0%. With normal surfing, 70% is enough for 4-6 hours.
Here is some information to think about:

Interface This tablet carries on boardfull licensed Windows 8.1 with Bing. This gift makes Microsoft everyone who buys such a tablet. There are rumors that the Office is being presented, but here the data is different, we won’t be bored. Windows itself takes 10 seconds to load, so it does not make sense to put it to sleep, just turn it off.
I’ll talk a little about working with Windows 8.1 because I came across it for the first time, and here they read not only hardcore specialists, but the same ones as I do, and I really liked the new OS.

The main thing for tablet work is the view of the Metrowith large touchscreen elements. Immediately make a reservation that the touch requires calibration, but after that it works more accurately and with small interface elements.
In Metro mode, a number of applications are immediately installed, which in my opinion are very convenient.
To begin, I recommend referring to the “help” tile for an understanding of what and how to click
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So, for example, the Sport application allows you to set up the news tracking mode for your favorite team / tournament and this is done very simply and pleasantly, it does not overload information, somehow intuitively:
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Application Food / News / Quotes or the like You can also easily customize yourself, which makes it unnecessary to install many applications
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Of course, there is a store with applications, both paid and free, for the Metro mode, but it is not as developed as the Market on Android or IOs

When working in desktop mode, it becomes more difficult to manage, because the elements are not large, but all this can be adjusted by the size of folders / files or by connecting a mouse.
But here lies the most important plus of this device - everything works here!
Any program created for Windows hereIt starts either without problems or through compatibility mode. After a short work with the tablet on Windows, it seems that before you were simply deprived of Android’s limitations (the owners will forgive me). "Working in the browser is pleasing to the eye and there are no problems with YouTube videos or displaying pages, browser games or the like. The interface itself is very smooth, there is a good old dispatcher who needs it.
Minus I would call a small amount of built-inmemory, because these 32Gb easily turn into 24, and then instantly eaten up by programs and Windows itself, so I strongly recommend buying a 64Gb card of the 10th grade, or maybe not one.
I myself took a tablet with the expectation of using itvarious programs, set construction programs (including AutoCAD). The programs themselves work fine and the RAMs are 1.5 GB (not all 2a, because part of the video is eaten up, which can be adjusted in the BIOS) is enough for the device to work, the processor has 4 cores of 1.33, which, if desired (BIOS), are under load can jump to 1.83 GHz, I can’t say anything about the video, I don’t put games. For those who are interested in a tablet in terms of games, I recommend that you look at the topic on w3bsit3-dns.com, there is a whole section with a test of games ( 4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=526009 )
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Next, I conducted some tests, the results of which may be interesting:


The tablet sits very tightly in the case, and the cutouts of the case to the right and left of the screen make the tablet easy to use. All openings where necessary.
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Conclusion I liked this tablet. Good performance, fast responsive, informative interface and decent touch make working with the tablet extremely convenient. There are minuses with a battery and a small amount of memory, but for a tablet for $ 150 it's not so bad. The ability to use any programs under Windows and full USB make the device extremely functional and useful 8 "tablet.
Please put pluses, who liked the review.
And finally
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