Nameless Air Mouse

I have, you know, an honorable mission: turn the old Acer desktop into a kind of media server with XBMCbuntu. And in this situation, the keyboard is not really needed, even if it is a good and well-known combined RC11, which I periodically use with the Android whistle on the TV.
In other words, for a media player I was looking for a smaller mouse, but, firstly, a pretty one and, secondly, with all the necessary buttons. Well, more or less inexpensive, too, of course.
As for the result of the searches, for the time being I am very pleased with it.
It must, of course, also be what I am dissatisfied with. Please: recently, sellers on Aliexpress have taken the fashion of giving some newfangled tracks that are tracked only in China. Those. they can’t give a track - the rules of the site, but they don’t want to spend money on a full-fledged track, so everyone throws themselves into it. This seller, for example, issued a track of the form PP * BJ, the so-called PayPal Package, which, as I understand it, has nothing to do with PayPal (as a payment service).
So the last thing I found out is that“The container in which your parcel is located has been delivered to the destination airport.” However, as you see, the toy got to me, so we will consider my comments as ordinary girlish vagaries.

Now for the good. The remote control is in an excellent cardboard box - I then use these for any Arduino and other small things. Inside on the bed is a remote control in a bag and a leaflet with instructions in Chinese and what the Chinese consider English (however, you can understand).


The console is very good, but, of course, for my taste. But in fact - the simplest box with a combined surface finish. See for yourself.
Glossy and frosted plastic on top:

Bottom glossy disk framed by a radialrelief, which, in turn, is enclosed in a fine relief grid. In general, it creates some kind of directly hipster effect of a vinyl record. Even I like it, even though I'm not a hipster.

Yes, I know: the gloss will certainly stain and scratch. This is a fact, as well as the fact that it looks great while new. I suppose you just have to put up with it. And, of course, to admire.
Under the back cover which is well fixed andmore or less conveniently opened due to the same embossed ornament, there is a battery compartment for two AAA cells (I put the batteries) and a storage location for the receiver.


Main functions: sound control, mouse (with left and right buttons), cursor arrows, power off button in Windows and Linux or Android screen lock, as well as Play / Pause.

You may notice that for a full-fledged media playerlittle buttons. On the one hand, indeed, there is no rewinding and switching between tracks. On the other hand, there is everything that I need. Since we are talking mainly about series, then Play / Pause is quite enough, and the rest, if it comes to rest, can be done with the player’s on-screen buttons.
But if we talk about the buttons on the remote, theyextremely pleasant (the keypad rattles a little if you shake the remote, but just a little). Very good tactile response with a fairly small stroke. There are service functions: you can turn off the mouse cursor, you can adjust the speed of the cursor (5 steps), you can re-pair the mouse and receiver if they suddenly get lost.
There is no indicator for pressing buttons, but there is a commonstatus indicator. It flashes quickly when connected to the receiver, slowly - when the batteries are low (until миг blinks and lights up, until the remote falls asleep (20 seconds from the last press). It also feels like there is some kind of button illumination, or it's just parasitic Illumination from the main indicator One way or another, but in complete darkness you can see the location (but not the inscription) of the buttons.

The status indicator, by the way, shines throughtranslucent body - no vulgar holes! Although, if you think about it, one is still there. The hole in the bottom of the case does not apply to anything. I was so curious to find out why it was so that I even unscrewed four screws and tried to open the case. Until the end it was not possible, but it became clear that immediately below the hole there was only a battery compartment, and nothing more.
The same hole:

The mouse turned out to be as good in use as it was in appearance - although I turned it on with some trepidation. China after all.
First checked with Microsoft Surface RT tablet- works. You can click on tiles, and open ups, and scroll through screens with pages in the browser - with arrows and holding the OK button with the mouse “pull”.
Then I checked with Android. The same parsley: it works. Screens scroll, applications start. The top row of buttons (mute, home screen, context menu) works depending on the version of the system. For example, on a TV whistle with Android 4.2, everything is according to the functions described above, but on a tablet with 2.3.4, the context menu button opens the search, the "home" does not lead anywhere, and the mute does not work (but the volume is adjusted).
It also works great with Windows 8. Including Play / Pause in the standard player, and the "home" button, which in the browser sends to the home page And, which is typical, there were no problems with XBMCbuntu.
Now about the biggest Chinese problem. Since the remote control is such a thing with which they usually sit on the couch, and not near the TV screen, the range is a pretty important thing. I was impressed here.
The mouse works from about three meters througha wall of blocks (I do not know what they are called - they make interior partitions from them). Whether it works further, I don’t know; there was nowhere to go further. The maximum distance in a straight line that I can afford at home is about 5 meters.
It works without question.
Towards the end of the curtain I tried to change the cursor speed. It turned out that although there are five speeds, four are adjustable. Because the first, it is precisely that the first, and not zero. The results are quite noticeable: at the first speed, the mouse becomes noticeably more phlegmatic, while at the fifth - only have time to follow the cursor.
The stability of the cursor, by the way, is on the level. An exact indication, and if you simply put the mouse, the cursor does not slide anywhere and does not twitch. The instructions, by the way, also declare the possibility of calibrating the gyroscope in case the cursor still heals its life. It turns out that everything is provided for, in general.
What more can be said? I am satisfied. I won’t write even the pros and cons - it’s clear that a thing is in a sense specific.
But, as before, I promise that if they appearany additions on the experience of communicating with this thing, I will report about them here. After all, it is clear that delight after a day of communication is one thing, and when after a week you bang your head against the wall - it's completely different.
All good dreams!