Activated Carbon for Teeth Whitening and Reviews on Extra Bright Black Powder

Hello everyone, one store on Aliexpres offeredto provide coal tooth powder, which, according to the assurance, perfectly whitens teeth, could not resist and out of curiosity decided to try and tell about a new way to write how to make a Hollywood smile.
I almost brush my teeth with paste and floss, although fromI tried to use curiosities of toothpowders, mouthwash, and even the eastern version of Sivak, but I found out that some people brush their teeth with charcoal recently, and use the usual activated from a pharmacy, by the way I don’t think that there is a big difference between them activated like this one is considered organic, there may be differences in the species of the burnt tree.

A photo

Weight 30 gr.
Coal in the form of powder, no smell.

I advise you to purchase a separate brush, as itit turns black from coal and does not completely wash off, you can take a special kit in the store, but it costs a lot and it’s not a fact that it will be better than an ordinary store.
There is no unpleasant taste or smell during cleaning.the sensation is somewhat like brushing with toothpowder, until you look at yourself in the mirror everything is fine) lips, chin, hands are all black. Everything is washed off quite easily, but longer than you would like, while you wash, you clean the sink and everything next to it takes a lot of time, I think because of the “dirt”, it will be problematic to use this type of cleaning every day, you will not clean it in clothes, before work or Of course you can study, but it takes several times more time than ordinary paste.
It’s too early to speak about the effect, and it was more correctI’d like to add a photo in the “before-after” style, but there is no apparatus capable of conveying the color of teeth well and truthfully, after the first brushing there was a surprising but not great effect, the teeth became a little whiter than before, maybe it’s self-deception or it just doesn’t seem to me I know.
In fact, this is all I wanted to write aboutthe main “how to clean” is not said much, but there is nothing to be said, but it cleans, yes there is an effect, will it replace the paste? there is little chance, this thing is not practical, and for everyday use it does not suit me, maybe once a week I will undergo prophylaxis with it, I think I definitely do not harm (although it is better to find out the opinion of the dentist), and the rest is up to you.