Amelie Galanti fashion handmade shoulder bag. Lady's bag.

In one beautiful (?) morning, the spouse said that "she threw an inexpensive handbag in a basket there in the evening ...". Using a legal lunch break at work, I climbed into the basket and went nuts: 53 bucks, in my understanding, is somewhat more than "inexpensive."
In the evening on the debriefing, it turned out that onThe bag ran out of discount. As it turned out later, regular discounts in this store are the norm ... After a couple of days I was woken up by my wife with exclamations “there is a discount!”. Well, there is and there is - let's order until it's over.
The first thing that came across during registration was the choice of a warehouse. You could choose a warehouse in Russia or in China. Excellent - choose a homeland, choose a beige color ... a bummer. The desired color was not in the Russian warehouse. Well - the benefit of the price does not depend on the warehouse - choose the homeland of the bag. And here is the second surprise. You can choose a shipping method. My dear and beloved checkpoint, or an unknown and intriguing spsr ... Honestly, I did not pay attention to the choice - I just placed an order, but I found out about the delivery method only when a letter was sent from SPSR asking me to provide information for customs clearance. Only then I returned to the store and explored all the possibilities. I found out, for example, that the price of the goods does not depend on the delivery method. So - SPSR turned out to be the “right” choice. Filling in the data for customs, I simultaneously found out that delivery by this service to my city is quite possible. Receipt of goods - in a specialized postamata. Well, well, I never was against trying out anything new. You can see other delivery options on the CPSR website. As I understand it, if there is no SPSR branch in your city, then they will send a parcel from their nearest Russian post office. But it’s better to clarify all this before ordering.
Payment was May 11th. There was no information on the track “long” provided. Long is relative to the total delivery time. And in comparison with the “normal” practice of ordering for Ali - just instantly. In general - on the 21st of the day a letter and SMS arrived with information that the goods were delivered and that you can pick it up.

One of the pluses of the postam is the mode of operation. On this day, I freed quite late. If it were regular mail, I would have to postpone it the next day. Here - the postamant is installed in a shopping center, which is open until late. He arrived, entered the sent code, the arrow on the screen showed where to turn his head, and the door

The bag was packed in a “regular” company bag. It looks pretty decent and "branded." Inside is a bag of dunotite.

The “standard” packaging was simply wrapped ina little pimple and all this is wrapped with tape, over which a label with a delivery address is glued. The packaging is poor, but if the fate is that she did not have to contact the post office of Russia, then it is enough. Here is a lump from packaging after extracting the contents:

Well, let's finally get to the bag itself. In kamenty to the product, many note that the bags come very wrinkled. Indeed it is

However, the claimed material PU-leather is quitewithstood bullying. It only smoothes out for a long time (the wife refused the offer to apply steam therapy or inflate the ball from the ball inside the bag). I am familiar with PU leather: when I ordered covers for my car. There it is called "eco-leather." From the skin there is only a name - really pure polyurethane. Covers in the car for the third year - look great. I hope nothing bad happens with the bag.

The bag comes with a shoulder strap. His wife did not even unpack it. The bag is quite voluminous and it is not very convenient to carry it on the shoulder, in my opinion. But this is just my opinion.

General front and rear view

Diagonal shoulder strap mount

Face valve

Which leads nowhere

Some seams are “shaggy”. The threads are trimmed, but it does not look very neat. It is required to walk on them with a lighter (without fanaticism)

Lightning metal. To the touch, it’s not very good. Well, I do not like such lightning. It is necessary to lubricate, then it will work more pleasantly and will last longer (lightnings are lubricated not with olive oil, but with wax (with three candles and several times we drive the castle)!). Dog with a keychain with a logo

Inside one compartment

On the walls of a pair of pockets. On the front wall there is simply a double pocket, one half is made with a “groove” for thick things (it’s ideal in size for the M3788 motorola ... modern smartphones will not fit).

On the "inner" wall is a pocket with a zipper. Inside, it is stitched with a temporary seam, like pockets in jackets.

The seller attached a gift to the bag - a keychain (in the comments to the product there are reviews that there are gifts-scarves). The keychain looks even better than the bag and was instantly privatized by households

Bag sizes are on the product page, but the personusually does not perceive numbers. So the wife upon receipt said that she expected a smaller bag. Therefore, I will not give here a photo with a caliper, but just show the bag
on the body

The beast for the photo shoot was woken up and offended: categorically refused to get into the bag.

Nice purchase. The bag is definitely worth its price (at a discount).
Of the pluses - good (hopefully) material and excellent fast delivery. Any technology (a stitched pocket, a complete bag, a recess in a pocket) indicates not quite basement production
Of the minuses - like not everything I liked about trifles - cut, but shaggy threads, lightning (may I be finicky?), It can be seen on the inner pocket that the “skin” was cut sloppy - tatters stick out.
Ps Already completing the review, I noticed that the sellerdeclared "handmade". That's what it means - to participate in purchases only as a wallet ... My wife chose the product on her own, I just paid. If this is really a handmade, then most of the minuses can be crossed out. Cutting the skin with your hands will give rags, trimming the thread with scissors - fringe. You can even say that these are pluses.
Pps I am writing a review while my spouse is at work. Upon return, I will try to find out her opinion about the bag. This is not her first bag from China. And certainly not the last.
upd The wife said that the bag is normal, but with the size she really made a mistake. If the bag were smaller, it would have looked more harmonious (see kamenty)