Android TV Box BeeLink M8 16G

I, probably, like YOU, chose Android TV for a long timebox! This one is not this, this one ... Until this instance was caught ... (Attention! The link to Alliexpress is already a slightly different instance) At the time of purchase, the price was $ 98.99 at the rate for March 2014 - 36.6391 = 3626.9
BeeLink M8 version with 16 GB flash memory, aka Tronsmart VEGA, only from another manufacturer and was cheaper at the time of purchase.
Which of them is the author of the board and assembly is a mystery)
I did not find reviews on redlightgreen for this version of the console.
There are a lot of Tronsmart reviews online, but that's not the point.
Delivery track

Appearance of the device
(Unlike the original, the introduction of an external antenna)

Official website available -
The site description, specifications and the ability to download firmware.
So, the characteristics from the product description site:

Well, powerful features are claimed! Tests later.

The device has full 2 ​​USB ports, AV output, LAN port, HDMI, optical audio, MicroSD slot and microUSB OTG connector.
USB successfully detects USB HDD. In OTG, an adapter for an optical mouse is installed through an adapter.
For lovers of dismemberment

After unpacking, the device was updated with the latest firmware from the site The current version is 108K4.
Methods for updating firmware can be easily found on the net.
I did not use other firmware, I stopped at this one, as it was completely satisfactory.
I use the device daily: watching YouTube, movies, social. networks, IP TV and so on ...
Two launchers are preinstalled: the first one in the form of a tile, for ease of use with IR remote control, and the second - standard Android.
Screenshots of the launcher and interface

Performance tests

I didn’t do a game test, it’s not very convenient to control the mouse ... many games require at least a joystick.
In my opinion, it turned out a worthy set-top box, better than praised smart TVs,
relatively new equipment, a powerful processor, behaves confidently both in games and in working with software.
I did not notice any glitches / freezes during use.
In general, I recommend to buy.
p.s. Do not kick much for the first review ...