Aroma car air humidifier as an alternative to buying a car air freshener: application reviews

Today I want to briefly share the purchasehumidifier for car on Aliexpress. I bought this device for the sake of interest, but in the end I was pleasantly surprised by its functionality, in the first place, the ability to significantly save on all sorts of fragrances ... in general, I’m sorry for the cut)
To get started, as usual, go over the packaging and packaging
The packaging looks quite stylish and is made in black:

The main technical characteristics are indicated on the left side

On the right, a brief instruction manual

There is nothing at the rear end - so I did not take pictures.
The humidifier package is not very rich, but in general, all that is needed is:
- the humidifier itself in the blister
- instruction (in Chinese and English)
- spare rod for water evaporation

The humidifier itself is made in a white-green style. By the way, the seller has many colors and there are plenty to choose from. I took the green one because there was a green backlight in the car.

Perhaps with a complete set and appearancehumidifier sorted out, now it's time to move on to testing in practice. And since with this humidifier you can not only humidify the air in the cabin, but also aromatize it, I ordered aromatic oil probes.
Now the tests.
At the first connection, I was surprised that this is not just a device that is stuck in the cigarette lighter and that’s all, there is also a control (touch) and various modes:
1. Standby mode, when the humidifier is simply stuck in the connector (the red diode is on).

2. Constant steam supply (LED is blue)

3. Steam supply with pauses (LED lights up purple)

And all this, as I said, is controlled by a touch button.
As for the working time and the aroma itself,then it works about 2 hours in a constant mode. In 3 mode, most likely it will work 2 times more. The aroma in the cabin was pronounced strawberry. But here a lot depends on the flavor itself. In my case, I think of 3 out of 5.
Well, let's summarize.
The main advantages:
- acceptable price
- quality performance
- combination of 2 functions aromatization and humidification
The main disadvantages: Especially they are not, but still ...
- I would like more compact sizes
- a different color instead of white
Functional Ultrasonic Humidifierfor cars completely satisfied, especially the aroma of the cabin. Moisturizing, I think, is also a useful thing in anticipation of the summer. I hope it will last a long time and will not fail.
I hope the review will be useful to you. Thanks for your attention.