Aroma diffuser with easy humidification.

Hello to all.
Today there will be a mini surveyor on a small diffuser. The thing is relatively expensive and relatively useful)
Delivery 3 days!
In general, anyone interested is going under the cat.
In general, this unit was bought by his wife, somewhere she had read or seen enough, well, in general, also wanted to. We found this aroma diffuser with delivery from Russia, but did not expect to receive it in just 3 days. In addition, there is also a delivery directly to the apartment.

The diffuser was packed in an ordinary cardboard box without identification marks.
We have a complete set: a diffuser, a power supply, an instruction manual and a measuring cup.

It is made entirely of plastic, it doesn’t even smell of any wood. If it were of wood, then the price would be 5 times more =)

On the lower part there are three rubber feet, three oval holes (apparently for ventilation), a connector for connecting the power supply and an opening for air intake.

Disassembled very easily, you need to unscrew 3 screws.

On the diffuser you can see two control buttons.
Light - responsible for the backlight, the first backlight mode - automatic color change within a few seconds, the transition between colors is smooth.
Subsequent pressings of the Light button will simply switch all available colors.
I counted just 15 colors.

Mist - is responsible for turning on and operating modes.
In total we have 4 modes
1) Shutdown after 1 hour
2) Shutdown after 3 hours
3) Shutdown after 6 hours
4) Continuous work. (If water runs out in the diffuser, it automatically turns off)

The use is very simple.
To get started, pour water and drip a couple of drops of aromatic oils. (the main thing is not to overdo it)
After that, turn on the diffuser and after a couple of seconds you will see a trickle of cold fog.
During operation, the water in the tank does not heat up.