B3000 PLUS Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaner with water tank (wet and dry cleaning)
Model: B3000 PLUS.
The robot does not build a room map, has four operating modes:
1st - Auto. The usual, standby mode, in which the robot cleans the room by choosing the appropriate cleaning model for the situation.
2nd - Spot. The mode for local cleaning of heavily soiled areas of the floor, carefully works at increased power in a circle.
3rd - Edge. A mode for cleaning debris and dust in hard to reach places (in corners, along furniture and walls.
4th - Scheduled. Scheduler essentially. In this mode, at the set time, the robot vacuum cleaner leaves the base and starts to work.
General characteristics:


The robot itself.
Base for charging + power supply.
Water tank with a rag.
Virtual wall.
Manual in English. In Russian: my-files.ru/qrmabl
Remote controller.
Brush for cleaning.
Spare: rag, filter, side brushes 2 pcs.

Top container lid and display

Blow out holes on both sides

Bottom pretty standard, 2 brushes, UV lamp

All the same container location. To open the cover, simply click on it at the specified location

Front bumper

First cleaning.
The robot traveled for 1 hour 45 minutes, + 15-20 minutes went, I searched for a base. Charged for almost 4 hours.
To find a more or less dirty place, he turned the carpet. Additionally scattered evenly rice. I didn’t do a photo with a dirty floor, because still not visible on this floor.
The result is quite expected - clean.

Container Content:

I didn’t clean only where I was physically unable to drive

Work on a carpet with a fine pilehappens absolutely no problem. The only problem arises when arriving at the carpet. In approximately 50% of cases, the brush gets stuck if it often travels from the carpet to the floor and back, due to the not quite even adherence of the carpet to the floor from the edges (see photo). If the carpet is over the entire area of ​​the room, such as a carpet with thresholds, then no problems occur.

Well, to the test cleaning now. He poured all kinds of rice, some cereal, flour, something else ...

In general, I cleaned everything, but in the end I already got a message about a crowded container. Although it was not full, the flour simply clogged the fine strainer in the container.

Here is another test. Glass table scattered large crumbs. At first I thought that the robot would fall due to a transparent countertop, due to any sensor glitches, but no.


Mopping. The rag is Velcro, very tight. The water tank has a rubber plug.
We close a tiny hole with our finger, fill in water, about 250 ml. We close and fasten to the robot.

Water begins to flow very slowly through the holes provided for this.

Leaving such a trace

I am already adapted to work withrobotic vacuum cleaners, so there is nothing superfluous on the floor, no wires, etc., so that it does not get stuck or leak. The rag was previously sprayed with cleaning agent. Here is the result, on a fairly clean floor, on which yesterday was a full manual wet cleaning. Spare rag for comparison. At the time of the full cycle of operation ~ 1: 45, the water tank is already empty, and the rag is almost dry.

A completely ordinary robot vacuum cleaner, yes, room mapshe doesn’t build, but nevertheless he cleans the surface on which he travels. In addition to a large stationary vacuum cleaner, but by no means replacing it of course. Schedule, or turn on when leaving home so that he collects a daily deposit of dust and small debris - so I use it. Used in a one-room apartment. There is enough time for work and random movement for cleaning the entire area. Riding on the carpets does not happen every time successfully. Although, if my edges were overlaid - it might be better. If there is a carpet with thresholds throughout the room, then no problem.
I rarely use wet cleaning, but there is also some sense from it. Of the minuses, a Ni-MH battery, by the way with a capacity of 2000mah, would be noted. A special quick-detachable connector and compartment are provided for it.

From service - once a week I take off my brushes and clean from wound hair

Well, everything seems to be so. Complement the video review
I forgot to mention delivery: shipping is done from a warehouse in Moscow. Home delivery is carried out by courier Pony Express.