Baseball cap and hat

I love baseball caps, I have more than 10 of them in different colors and different patterns. summer came and I decided to diversify the wardrobe
Ordered on April 12, received on May 12, packing an ordinary package.
the baseball cap is sewn with high quality, the seams are all even, the threads do not stick out, the material is dense, but at the same time light.

the embroidery is straight, no sticking out threads are observed

there are no problems inside either

iron clasp, not velcro, which I like more and looks neater


In general, I recommend to buy. simple, easy, well stitched cap
the second lot is a hat, a review of such a hat has already been
i bought here
ordered May 11, received 21, which was for myshopping record for delivery. delivery is paid, but I wanted to have time to get a hat until June 12, when my friends and I went to rafting for more than 20 years in a row. so the hat is 100% camping and fishing
there’s practically nothing to add to the previous review. a simple, light hat, bought it to try on the alloy, as sometimes the neck is very charred. it is sewn with high quality, the threads do not stick out, the cut is even, the lines are even. In general, China seems to have learned to do things efficiently

there are two ventilation holes on each side of the hat and a button so that you can bend and fasten the fields

inside two-layer, on top, the very crown in one layer

there is also a lace so that the hat doesn’t blow off

I used to order different Chinesecamouflage stuff. and they were all very different from NATO colors, were "acidic" or something. more vivid. so this hat pleasantly surprised. shades of one to one like the NATO Bundeswehr
I can’t attach a comparison photo, since camouflage in the country
Upd my head circumference is 56cm and the cap and hat are just right. The hat can also be worn on 57, maximum 58cm
well, according to tradition photo
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