Maleroads Baseball Cap

A multi-review of baseball caps from Maleroads.
Two khaki and black baseball caps for himself and his wife. I will say right away that baseball caps are very good.
Under the cut a few letters and a lot of photos.
Characteristics from the seller’s page

Appearance. Workmanship
Material 100% Polyester.
The visor is 10 cm long, 19 cm wide at the base, at a curve point of 15 cm. Depth 9 cm.
The circumference of my head is 56 cm, my wife's 54 cm.
Company logo

View from above

Side view

Breathable mesh

Back view

Size adjuster


Wrong side

Side edging

Breathable mesh

Company label

On wife

On me


Advantages and disadvantages + Good quality baseball caps
+ Material pleasant to the touch
+ Long and wide visor
+ The head even in a black baseball cap at +30 does not sweat
No flaws were identified.
Suitable baseball caps - you can take it!
The goods were bought for money))