Boots RAX 63-5B370

Fall / winter boots with the Chinese membrane and their testing in snow and water.
I already bought this company for the summer and described all the difficulties of choosing
I really liked that the sneakers perfectly fit the wide foot.
As I later learned from other reviews of this company, they are really great for a wide leg.
Well, since autumn / winter I will have a long time to go, and it’s time to take the old ones to work. I ordered a stock and received another $ 20 coupon as a gift.
Compare here with such Ralf, only in a different color.

Shipping and Packaging

This time I messed up with the size and just "poked a finger at the sky." I ordered 42, instead of 43 ... But then you will find out new sizes.
I recommend the seller to personally write the size in centimeters that you need. As it was with the 366 model and everything was perfect.
Well, also, I actively go to them. Therefore, the review will contain photographs of dirty shoes.
I'll start with the insole.
Here it is the same as in the 366 model. Thick, absorbs shock, smell, moisture.

It is 27.3 cm long and 9.4 cm wide at its widest point. Frankly and in advance - there are no problems with the width, everything is cool.
On the side, there is a marking 2016-1. 42.
The thickness under the heel is 7mm, the rest is 5mm.
The difference between 43 and 42 is small. A little shorter and a little narrower.

The rest of the insoles are 1 in 1.
Most likely this insole has the same nuance as in the 366 model that I wore.
For this I add:
Sticker "RAX" on the insole - painted light gray socks.
But as it turned out, this is not a problem. Since it degrades and breaks off with a regular degreaser (in the photo I held a cotton swab several times, it got wet and peeled off). This did not affect the insole itself (on the reverse side I checked, nothing has changed)

On the tongue there is a marking of sizes and other things - it is like very thin plastic or a good layer of paint.

As for the appearance - then, I expected that they would be higher.
I thought they would be like boots
I tried to take a picture with a tape measure to appreciate the height.

Well, inside.

In the end, the sole + insole? 3cm
Here are a couple of photos.

Inside are the same “plugs” as before. I suspect that they shove them everywhere. I have 3 pairs of shoes and all 3 pairs have such “inserts”.
A sample of suede and Chinese pieces of paper are hanging from the side on the string.

If you are strong in foreign - you can read.
We are promised a price of 869 yuan = $ 129, but it seems to me - this is Chinese marketing.

A few close-ups.
I thought the sock would have a coarser suede. But the sock is textured rubber.
Outside there is brand embossing.
All markings with the brand name are on the outside
In sock

And in the heel. It is seen that the rubber part of the sole is on glue.

Drawing "paws" on both sides. But the logo was removed from the inside

The gray strip in a speck that runs along the entire sole is like a thin layer of colored “foam / eva” rather than a simple paint.
On the backdrop, there is a strip. It can be pulled over her leg.

Well, incomprehensible Chinese seams. Which hold something inside (they are visible only on one side) or is it such a style.

Inside is a colored insert from the "mesh".

There is a drawing like a wolf, but inside is most likely foam rubber.

Inside there is a seam that runs from the heel to the tongue. And it feels like the Chinese sewed a “felt boot” and stuck a sole to it and declared tightness.

But under the fabric, you still feel some kind of hardness like in ordinary shoes.
The tongue is embossed. But the relief is made simple. They took some soft plastic, glued the fabric, and then gave the plastic a shape.

There are also seams on the inside. But they do not bring discomfort to me and do not interfere.
Also, in this photo, foam rubber is visible on the sides (it was in the autumn and winter RALFs that I tore). Some kind of striped fabric is glued on it. I suspect that this is the main part of the membrane.

In this photo you can see "what the laces are held in." The metal parts can be rotated (I unfolded the top), but they walk a little tight, most likely, in the future they will be better to walk. Also riveted. The RAX logo is visible.

Maybe someone will not be comfortable with the fact that inthe lower part of the laces are held by the fabric. But in the reviews of the 370 model, no one wrote anything like that. And since I have a high rise, the lower part is always almost like in the photo and I do not experience any problems.
On the back of the rivets.

There are 7 holes in the front. 4 is visible well, but 3 are very bad and they are small. I highlighted them in red. But on the second boot, it seems that they are bigger. But I went and looked - it seems.

In order to kick stones and icicles, we extended the sole in the sock.

As for the sole, it consists of foam / EVA, and the foam came already with wrinkles (tested?) And softer than the “average”.

Dark is glued to wear-resistant rubber. But there are holes in it where the foam sticks out. I circled all the foam in red.

There is also a logo and the inscription “Wild Wolf School”, which hints at the fact that these shoes were made with emphasis on rough terrain.
As for the laces - they inspire confidence. But they are slippery and, probably, 1 out of 10 times - one is untied.
It is necessary either to tighten "tighter" or wait until they become shaggy and stop untying.
Since the seller tells us about some kind of membrane and water resistance, he checked it like this:
1-found capacity where the right shoe will fit
2-poured water
3-dipped shoes and waited.
Frankly, I thought that you can walk in these boots on the bottom of the sea.
That the leg does not get wet and after 30 minutes.
After 3 minutes, at a depth of 10cm, water went into the right boot.
Against the background of RALF in which water enters (through the seams)just stepping into a puddle for 5 seconds is an outstanding result. But I expected more. Perhaps there will be greater water resistance - if treated with impregnation. But I expected that I could spank out of the box in the puddles for 8 hours a day. I was offended the first 3 days. Then I thought - better than nothing.

As for suede (although it is not enough here).
I tried to burn it with a "turbo lighter." When heated, it behaves like suede, it stinks (like ordinary leather / suede), shrinks, does not burn (you can hold it for about twenty seconds until the coals appear, then a small flame will appear)
Most likely it is recycled / pressed suede.
Recycled leather is made from wastetanning production - trimmings of natural leathers, which during the grinding process are turned into fibrous powder, subsequently glued using latex, or other adhesive materials. This allows you to get the material for elasticity and strength close to natural skin, having the smell of dressed skin. Thus, recycled leather is something between natural and artificial leather. We bought gloves for welders from such “suede”.
And if I didn’t tear a piece of suede, what they gave me - I wouldn’t know that it’s “cunning suede”
Here is a close-up photo of the torn part

And the factory cut end.

The plot is lighter in the center.
In general, as they write on the wiki, there is something between natural and artificial.
Bad or not, I don’t know. I think she needs care as natural and everything will be fine.
A white coating also appears on it if the shoes were wet, and it becomes rougher.
Since the slush / snow will end in the April / May area, I will supplement the post if there are problems, if there are none, I will not add.
The photo “on me” was not very convenient to take. It turned out dark.
Therefore, I had to use all sorts of photo modes that brighten.
But if you need to, I can re-shoot at least in RAW even in my underpants.
on me.

Well, the “type” video version of the review. Text tried to do more.

Purely for myself, noted the pros and cons.
+ I’m very comfortable, soft, light. (weight of one boot is 440 grams)
+ Insole absorbs odors and stress.
± not quite winter
± recycled / pressed suede (time will tell if someone can tell you in comments)
-Laces could not be untied (heel starts to walk)
- you can’t slap puddles in the arrogant and stay dry all day
-You have to look after ordinary suede (I'm lazy F)
As for the cold weather. In a minibus in sneakers in 20 minutes, my feet froze at minus 10
In these for 30 minutes at a temperature of minus 15 - everything is warm.
Someone in the reviews goes fishing at 10KM. Someone is wearing woolen socks. I wore ordinary socks (I had to take size 43) and it was never cold. Although, when I picked them up, I almost laughed at “winter / autumn” when they saw how thin they were in places. How much they fall and how much they winter is individually. Sometimes it seems that their feet are hot. But for the short time that I wear them, my socks are always dry. Although before there were cases that came with wet fingertips, or condensation or sweat, or got wet - I do not know. Everything is fine here.
Wearing an ordinary sock, I would be afraid to go camping or fishing in them in the winter, in the summer I think it will be hot (in spring at +10 with the last snow, if I go fishing, I’ll tell).
I showed what came to me, I’m not forcing anyone
5000r - Chinese marketing, really they are cheaper always and everywhere.

P.S .: the seller seems to have a stock (he told me so) - I’ll sell it cheaper.
Its essence is that if you found a RAX model cheaper on Ali, then you need to write to the seller and he will make a discount (most likely a little cheaper than you found).
You can try it.
Now I am waiting for the female model of just such a color, size 38-39

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