Leather bracelets - unisex, or hippies livelier than all the living!

At the very beginning of this year, while everyone was sleeping,suddenly decided to order a pair of bracelets. Yes, it happens that on January 1 at 12 o’clock the internal shopaholic turns on. They were lying in a basket for a long time, but here the price is at a discount ... in general, they cost me 45 rubles / piece. Not that I wear this often, but it happens. Especially on vacation.

True, right now, by reference, they are more expensive. You can wait for a 50% discount (this seller actually almost always has it) or look at another seller.

The bracelets arrived extremely quickly, I found them right in the mailbox on January 16, a package without a track. And from Estonia!

Two bracelets, each in a sealed bag. They are worn on the arm and tightened with ropes from the side of the wrist.

It smells of skin, looks like leather, it seems it's all the same она True, the plate is thin-walled, light. As if poured out of silumin.

So he looks on his hand. The hand is not thin, even rather thick.

I like this bracelet more brutally.

Reliably assembled, worn a couple of days, nothing came off.

The ropes hold the bulk tightly. Impossible to pull out

Both bracelets smell like leather and look normal (well, if you like this style of course). In general, I recommend!