Brand quality glasses with a fly in the ointment.

I didn’t use sunglasses before, thenwhether there was no need, or whether hands did not reach to buy, and now all the same I decided. I read the reviews, went to offline shops, found out what shape suits me best, started scouring Ali, and now the choice is made - I ordered it.
The package arrived pretty quickly (shipping 2-3 days and the journey was 9 days)
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I did not photograph the parcel itself (the box was rewound with adhesive tape), inside there was a black box inspiring confidence.

Inside the case (with a carabiner), a cloth for cleaning glasses and a polarization test.

The case is rigid, to force it you need to use force. The cloth is soft, pleasant to the touch.

Everything is packed well, the risk of damage to the glasses in the mail is minimal. It seemed to me that the case is small, when you close it once, you touch the temple of the glasses with the lock.

On the label you can see a check mark near the number 3, most likely this is the degree of blackout.

Well, the glasses themselves.

The opening / closing mechanism of the arms is verypleasant, with a position lock, the frames themselves are made of metal, at the ends of the arms there is plastic (very smelly), the nose is metal with rubber pads.
The whole design is collapsible - everything rests on mini bolts, which, by the way, is very pleasing and looks good.

I checked the polarization in two ways with the test that was bundled with the monitor.
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On UV protection checked in the optics store, onlythey checked in some popular way - on the one hand they shone with an ultraviolet flashlight, on the other hand they set up a lens that should have turned black if there is no protection, well, or become covered with spots if the UV protection is uneven.
The glasses passed tests perfectly, even the seller was surprised at the quality of the glasses when I said their cost
Well, as I wrote in the title, there were some“Sorrows” - a scratched bridge of the nose (from the bridge), of course, it will not be visible from 2 meters, but if it’s closer ... the seller upset me, I could check the goods before sending the goods, or he knowing about the marriage sent such goods.
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Well what can I say glasses are made perfectly, neitherwhere it doesn’t play anything, the assembly is good, the nose emphasis doesn’t press, they sit well, it darkens somewhere by 4 (out of 5), in the evening it will be no longer comfortable in them, it was pleasant to have a hard case.
Well, lastly, a photo on me
a photo