Paper balls for the mood!

Greetings to all!
This review will focus on the product whichDesigned for the holidays and just to cheer you up. It is often used in the design of apartments, halls and other places, in general, where any event will be held. It will be about ordinary, but bright and funny balls / pompons from special thin paper.
In order to evaluate what my wife and I did, I ask under cut. I almost forgot
Sometimes you want to distract from weekdays and gray days andjust arrange a holiday, even if it is due to such paper and bright balls. Approaching February 14th, before which there were three weeks left and the wife decided to look offline for something interesting for the decor. She is my lover of jewelry, and with the approach of any holidays it is already becoming a tradition and she likes the activity itself, she says she enjoys it.

Unfortunately, offline searches for something interesting and unusual came to naught. Seeing these fluffy and voluminous balls on Ali, she got the idea to order them there, in the hope that they would be able to arrive.
So, the idea was to decorate the room a little toas a result of the holiday, an order was made for 3 sets / sets of 10 pieces each. Three different colors: lilac, blue and light green. Two sets of 20cm in a circle and one set of 15cm. On the seller’s page you can see information about the material of the balls - this is tissue paper, which is very thin and almost transparent. The size of the goods, as well as a palette consisting of 20 colors to choose from.

And now, first things first. The package was sent by some new and previously unknown to me by YC mail. Delivery took just about 3 weeks. Packaging - gray bag.

It contained 30 balls in the form of stripes, each ofwhich was in a separate transparent bag, also in the bag each ball had a white ribbon - which you need to tie the ball to. Selected colors from the seller - correspond to reality.

Looking around this whole bunch - it was necessary to calculate how long it would take to dissolve it all

The most important thing is to start, and then helpers will connect

Unfortunately, we did not capture the process of unfolding and forming the ball itself from a strip, but there are brief instructions from neta:

The picture shows how to make the ball out of paper itself, in our case it is almost ready - just open it with a fan and separate the thin sheets from each other, that is, fluff it.
If you decide to make balls yourself - you can use the same tissue paper, or corrugated. Instruction also from neta:

When all the balls have been made - attached them toto the ceiling in this way: we take balls of any color and tie them together. Each subsequent ball is tied to a neighboring one, thereby hanging down. We did three things in different colors, it turned out pretty well.

At the base there is a tightly connected part of the ball.

One ball was cut afterwards, so that it was clear how thin the paper was and what size it was. The size of a small ball is 28.5 cm long and 15 cm wide, consists of 6 sheets.

This is how the whole composition looks. =)

So the review slowly came to an end and in conclusion we will summarize.
From a colored pile at first glance it is not clear why - we got cool balls for decorating an apartment. Vivid emotions are guaranteed uniquely. If this is seen, guests will ask
something like: “where did you buy it ?, we also want this!”
Next you should know what to dissolve these ballsit’s a little difficult because the paper is very thin and the slightest sharp jerk is a torn piece of paper. It was possible to dissolve 30 balls in two evenings after spending several hours at a time.
Thank you all for watching! If you have any questions regarding this product - write in the comments below and I will try to answer everyone!
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