Cabinet Door Drawers Refrigerator Toilet Safety Plastic Lock For Child Kid baby safety

This product is not for everyone, but parents with young children will certainly appreciate it.
Those who have small children who have already begun to walkthey themselves know that their main activity is exploring the world around them for a touch, to taste. And the tables, and indeed any other objects that can open just a storehouse for such a study. Therefore, he draws them to the opening drawers and doorswith terrible power. Of course, you can remove everything that can be dangerous for them from the places available to them, but still, even the drawers themselves, for example, are dangerous for they can nail their fingers.
In order to protect children, this lot of 10 locks from children on furniture was purchased.

No packaging except thin packagingtransparent plastic bag. However, it is enough to protect it from pollution ahead of time. The fabric part is made of very durable synthetic fabric, but white, respectively, easily soiled. The line is flat, the used thread is durable.

For attaching to the furniture is something like a double-sided tape. Adhesive tape sticks when applied tightly and holds perfectly, tearing it in the closed state of the lock from children is very problematic.

To perform the function of the lock - a plastic latch. Durable plastic, high-quality casting, my appearance is not satisfactory, maybe only the lock is a bit large.

I preferred to install somewhat non-standard - a lock in the inside of the table. So it seems to me more convenient and less striking.

Total: a very useful thing, it saves my nerves and the health of children. 10 pieces are quite enough for the house (mine at least). For the price of apiece, it is much cheaper than when buying analogues offline. True, I took a little cheaper than now.
Additional Information

I don’t see any special flaws, except for the potentially easily soiled color, and I don’t know how then, when the child’s lock becomes unnecessary, it will be removed from the furniture.
All good!