Softbox for external flash Pixco

I know that such a softbox was already reviewed a year ago, but I decided to add it on my own.
I paid attention to software boxes when I decidedtaking portraits in backlight. Tired of "pulling" a person out of the sun. There were noises. When using noise reduction in a graphical editor, sharpness was accordingly lost.
It was decided to order two very cheap softboxes. The first is a regular card, the second softbox from this review.
If with backlight everything is more or less clear. Put on the flash, directed at the person and forward.
So the question is, can I use this softbox indoors? - remained open to me. I decided to answer it in this review.
This software box is a copy of the branded and expensive. Most likely the quality is different, but in our case the functionality does not suffer. It performs its function perfectly.
Made entirely from some kind of rubber.
Dimensions of the "white part" of the softbox: 10x12.5cm
Sizes of a landing part: under any external flash.

The only thing that has been done poorly is the straps into which the strap is tightened to tighten.
But when you think about the price of 73 rubles, the question isdisappears. I want a better thing - welcome offline. For example Flama FL-B6 for 700 rubles. There, the quality is much higher + color cards included.
Well, okay, close our eyes to these straps. Everything is cheap and cheerful here.

Mounted to the camera like this: (photo not mine)

Now let’s do an indoor experiment.
Is there any benefit?
We take the camera. We dress the 85mm lens and place the subject.
Exposed in the chamber: 1/100, f / 2.0, ISO100
Exposure fixed 1/128 on an external flash
No flash.

To the ceiling
We direct the flash to the ceiling at an angle of 45 degrees. The shot turned out to be good in lighting.

To the ceiling + card
We direct the flash to the ceiling at an angle of 45 degrees, take out the built-in white card.
The frame is also good in lighting. This method is good for shining in the eyes.

Flash on the forehead
Everything is clear here. So you can’t shoot.

Pixco softbox head-on flash
Also in the forehead, but everything is much better. Actually this is the main purpose of this softbox. It is intended only for those cases where you need to shoot in the forehead.

Pixco Softbox Flash Up
Poorly. Unnecessary shadows appeared behind the figure.

This softbox is not suitable for rooms! The best shots turned out to be those where the external flash was aimed just up (and to the side).
I recommend buying only to those who have never had this before. For trial.
If you like it, immediately give it to a friend and take itbranded quality, for example Flama FL-B6. It will not be good if you are planning to shoot, call the girl, and then the straps will break. It is better to give 700 rubles and be calm.
Now about the purpose: This softbox has only one task. For those who want to try to shoot in the backlight on the street. It is not suitable for rooms.
Good frames to you.